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In the paper “The Concept of Human Relation Skills” the author discusses human relations skills, which refer to the skills, which are required within an organization in order for the staff to work effectively with each other. The skills include the ability to communicate, understand and motivate people…
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The Concept of Human Relation Skills
1. Define the concept of human relation skills as depicted from the case studies and illustrate how supervisors use it.
Based on the case studies within our textbook, human relations skills refer to the skills, which are required within an organization in order for the staff to work effectively with each other. The skills involved in this context include the ability to communicate with, understand and motivate people. It is essential for every organization to have an effective human resource management that will ensure that the necessary skills required for carrying out duties are well formulated and implemented. With regards to supervisors, human relations skills are mainly used to impress their managers, motivate employees, abolish conflicts, and build good relationships with their co-workers among many other aspects. The schools management mentioned in the case studies were keen enough to ensure that the supervisors assigned to each school were able to illustrate effective human relation skills aspects (Wiles & Bondi, 2004).
2. Explain some of the responsibilities that supervisors are expected to carry out within an organization with emphasis on higher management, co-workers and employees.
Concerning the case studies within our textbook, supervisors play an important role in the organization. This is because they are responsible for making sure that the duties, which are assigned to them by the higher-level managers, are carried out effectively with no delay. The responsibilities of the supervisors include giving the managers accurate and timely information that is required for planning as well as informing them of the performance of each department. The role of the supervisors is also to act as a form of bridge for passing information between the management and the employees (Wiles & Bondi, 2004). Therefore, the responsibilities of a supervisor in an organization need to be emphasized for better operational results.
3. Supervision is an important practice in an organization. What are the changes that are brought up once an individual becomes a supervisor?
Being a supervisor is not an easy task because of the changes that are incorporated in the role. Based on the case studies, a supervisor is meant to carry out responsibilities that ensure the operations that are conducted in the organization are in line with the organizational goals. New supervisors are expected to apply more human relations as well as conceptual skills. They are also expected to look at the activities within the departments and devote a significant amount of time in planning. Another change that is quite evident is that once an individual becomes a supervisor the relationship that existed with the other employees’ changes based on the fact that he/she will be addressed as a member of the management. Based on a scenario depicted from the case studies, some teachers were promoted by the school management to the position of supervisors and after a month an interview was conducted among the new supervisors whereby they stated the changes that they were experiencing (Wiles & Bondi, 2004).
4. Highlight the main functions of supervisors in an organization based on the case studies.
The main functions of supervisors include planning, staffing, leading, organizing and controlling. Planning mainly refers to the process of setting up goals and deciding on how they will be achieved. Staffing involves the process of selecting and hiring employees who are best suited for the job. Leading is the process of making the employees to carry out the functions that they are expected to do. Organizing involves determining ways of how to assign resources and assign employees their duties accordingly. Finally, controlling involves monitoring of the organization performance.
5. Based on the case studies; describe how the increase of staff in the district schools affected the role of the supervisors.
Based on the case studies within our textbook, the increase of staff to the district schools, which was conducted by the administration board, had a negative impact on the role of supervisors. The main reason for this is based on the fact that the supervisors were only two in each school. It was quite hard for two supervisors to manage a diverse group of employees and also manage all the responsibilities allocated to them on time and thus they opted for more supervisors to be assigned (Wiles & Bondi, 2004).
Wiles, J., & Bondi, J. (2004). Supervision: A guide to practice 6th Edition. Upper Saddle
River, N, J: Pearson Read More
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