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As such, interviewing the client is one of the best methods available to obtain vital information from the client. In this mock interview, that was carried on…
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Checkout paper # 3
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"Checkout paper # 3"

Download file to see previous pages I love my dog because she is a good companion but of late she has been giving me problems. She messes around especially the carpet and my neighbors often complain about her. At one time she was injured by my neighbor’s child.
I can see that you are angry for your dog because she makes the carpet dirty. However, I have done some researches and discovered that pet lovers ought to be patient with their pets since they have a habit of messing around in most cases. I then posed this question: What do you think must be done then?
However, I realised that I had blundered by asking this question since the client was seeking help in order to address the problem. Therefore, for self disclosure, I sympathized with the client and indicated that as human beings, we always feel the same way when we clean the mess by the dogs. I paraphrased my question so that the customer could shed more light about her feelings towards this dog. She responded by saying:
From this response, I realised that my customer was mainly concerned with finding a lasting solution to this problem rather than disposing the dog. I responded to the client by indicating that a dog can be trained but this can be done over time. This response gave my client renewed hope about changing the behaviour of her dog. I used strategies such as reflection, summarization paraphrasing as well as clarification in carrying out this task.
I have learnt a lot of new things in as far as interviewing is concerned. In terms of non verbal communication, I maintained a steady eye contact and I would also use some facial expressions when talking to my client. I also listened very carefully to her as she spoke.
However, one weakness I have noted about my interviewing technique is that some of my questions were too direct. For instance, I said: “What do you think should be done?” I do not think that this question should be asked to the client who has come for help. Essentially, the interviewer should suggest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Checkout Paper # 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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