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The assistants think that the nurses assign them the hardest tasks while the nurses believe that the assistants do not offer them help when it is necessary. These two…
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Consensus Building Week 11
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Consensus Building Consensus Building As the head nurse, what should Mitchell do a Eliminate infighting and hostility at the workplace?
The main cause of the resentment in this floor is the mistrust that exists between nurses and their assistants. The assistants think that the nurses assign them the hardest tasks while the nurses believe that the assistants do not offer them help when it is necessary. These two arguments are contradictory because while the assistants argue that they overwork; their seniors argue that they spend most of their time relaxing. This indicates there is a high level of mistrust among the two groups, which Mitchell needs to correct. Mitchell may correct this situation by organizing participative meetings for all the groups. The meetings enable all the members to contribute their views; for example, when there are complains, they will be dealt with in the meetings (Li, Kuo, Huang, & Wang, 2013). The Head Nurse also needs to define the job roles clearly to avoid the contradicting complains about overworking and under working.
b.) Improve staff relations, and
The Head Nurse may improve staff relations by motivating employees by rewarding, and training them. The nurses and assistants in this floor may be trained on how to complete their tasks efficiently and how to work as a team. This is because through training, workers understand the significance of each member in the floor and they appreciate one another. Another way of improving the staff relations is by treating the workers fairly by rewarding them for their hard work. This is because dissatisfied employees may be resistant and hostile at the workplace. The unit should, therefore, ensure that it rewards the nurses by paying them wages that are equal to their effort, promoting them, and offering them job security (Cox, 2001).
c.) Provide better quality of care?
The quality of care may be improved by developing communication and team work in this unit. Communication is the most essential factor in the delivery of services because it enables nurses to attend to patients and it also enables the nurses to seek help from their assistants. The unit needs to install a proper communication channel that allows everyone to participate in decision making. The communication channel should also determine how parties resolve conflicts when they arise. In this case, for example, Mitchell may ask the nurses and their assistants to inform her when conflicts arise at the workplace. She may then solve the disagreements without taking sides as soon as she gets the information to avoid wastage of time and delay of services to customers (Li, Kuo, Huang, & Wang, 2013).
Team work may also improve the quality of healthcare. All the workers should undergo training to help them determine how to work as a team. The Head Nurse may also rotate the workers so that everyone understands how to perform various tasks efficiently.
2 . what can her supervisor do to help?
The supervisor may help Mitchell by first investigating the cause of the hostility between nurses and their assistants. The supervisor may then work as a team with the Head Nurse by helping her to solve the conflicts without taking sides. The supervisor may also take part in training the workers to communicate and embrace team work so that they can improve the quality of care. The other thing that the supervisor may do is to define job roles clearly to ensure that there are no disagreements concerning who should perform which task on the floor (Cox, 2001).
Cox, K.B. (2001). The effects of unit morale and nterpersonal relations on conflicts in the nursing uni. Journal of advanced nursing, 35 (1), 17-25
Li, I., Kuo, H., Huang, H., Lo, H., & Wang, H. (2013). The mediating effects of structural empowerment on job satisfaction for nurses in long-term care facilities. Journal Of Nursing Management, 21(3), 440-448 Read More
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