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Different terms in the company, create patterns vital, to treat employees in a sustainable way. All organizations control different combinations of employees, depending on the internal labor market, open labor…
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Employee Scenarios
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Employment systems make it possible to analyze caompany practices. Different terms in the company, create patterns vital, to treat employees in a sustainable way. All organizations control different combinations of employees, depending on the internal labor market, open labor market, and finally occupational labor market (Hendry, 2005, p.448). According to Hendry, in his book, Human Resource Management, Commitment systems and presentation management approaches, come into sight as new patterns used to treat employees in companies. Despite all these systems in place, employees have negative effects in the companies, which undermine performance. This paper analyzes internet abuse, sexual harassment, and substance abuse as fictional scenarios, which employer deals with regarding employees. All these scenarios have effects to the employee and the employer. The employee finds it difficult to cope with such situations in the company. It makes it impossible for the employer, to delegate duties to such workers, because of poor performance. On the other hand, employees find it difficult to cope with work demands, when the scenarios’ affect them. It is important for employers to form and develop regulations within their work place that tend to regulate occurrence of such scenarios within the work place.
Internet Abuse
Technology enables majority of employees to use the internet when undertaking company duties. The internet gives relevance to the type of work an employee undertakes and some irrelevant to his or her work. In both cases, internet plays a crucial role when performing different company duties. In econet wireless company, a company that offers internet wireless services to his customers, Bradley, the companies’ supervisor director, gets into serious problems with his manager, after he is found watching pornographic videos using the company’s internet at work. Clearly, the company has rules and regulations that regulate internet usage of the employees. The rules and regulations seem not right to Bradley and he decides to abuse the rules by going to unpleasant sites to watch the videos. According to his employer, this becomes a gigantic scenario as the company’s rules and regulations violation. Regular conduct of job examination studies and certification of the results helps guard employers from unfair treatment (Jackson, Schuler & Werner, 2012, p.153). Bradley’s manager positions himself as a perfect employer because he had the regular examination, but Bradley had not taken it seriously. However, the company still keeps Bradley, but with a stern warning. It is important for employees to follow the companies’ rules and regulations to avoid scenarios’ that put them in turmoil with their employers.
Sexual harassment
Sexual harassment among company employees destroys the company reputation. In a leather company, Mrs. Jones victimizes with her boss, who demands sexual satisfaction for her promotion. The image of the company tarnishes and every other employee under performs his or her duties because of being bullied. Clearly, the actions of employers affect any other employee in a company and the result becomes poor performance in duties (Sudhir, 2005). It is vital for employers to keep high integrity in their companies and be good role models to their employees.
Substance Abuse
Drugs affect normal functioning of the body. The most abused drug in organizations is marijuana. Michael Philips, an employee at a leading law firm in Boston, abuses marijuana in his office before going to court. This becomes unbearable, when one of his days in court, the judge finds out he is under the influence. The case terminates and he loses. Substance abuse affects normal brain functioning, which automatically cause poor reasoning. Employers need to form ethics and social committees that control these scenarios and give relevant pieces of advice to employees.
It is important for employees and employers to guard companies’ rules, and regulations. This is possible through regular training of employees and developing ethics that will help prevent such scenarios.

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