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Initial Post- Module 11 - Coursework Example

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Employers may be held responsible if they permit hostility to persist in their work environment without taking any corrective action (Xerri, 2013). Michelle needs to devise proper mechanisms for…
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Initial Post- Module 11
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Extract of sample "Initial Post- Module 11"

Initial Post-Module 11 Eliminating the infighting and hostility in the workplace One of the roles of the head nurse is to create a hostile-free work environment. Employers may be held responsible if they permit hostility to persist in their work environment without taking any corrective action (Xerri, 2013). Michelle needs to devise proper mechanisms for monitoring employees’ conducts and adopt a proper harassment policy. The harassment policy should focus on eliminating and punishing discrimination based on race, national origin, sex, age, disability, and religion (Valsecchi, Wise, Mueller & Smith, 2012). The policy of harassment should list the types of hostility that cannot be tolerated and effectively notify the employees. According to the case provided, there are chances that Michelle must have received complains concerning hostile hospital environment. It is critical for Michelle to call the parties acting in hostility to one another and correct the situations through reconciliation since only dislike and rudeness cannot cause a hostile work environment.
Improving staff relations
Staff relations are determined by the way through which the management addresses and interacts with the employees (Boshoff & Stewart, 2013). Maintaining positive relations with the staff helps to reduce workplace conflicts, enhance the staff morale, and increase worker productivity. Michelle should focus on improving communication through concentrating on personal face-to-face meetings since these allow employees to seek further clarifications and contribute towards decision-making to ensure that they are satisfied. Another strategy for improving staff relations is encouraging career development (Xerri, 2013); this encourages the management to work closely with the nurses and secretaries to improve their skills and answer any questions they have. Michelle should focus on treating the junior nurses and secretaries as individuals to avoid misunderstanding of employees caused by the fallacy of generalization.
Providing better quality of care
Teamwork is one of the fundamental requirements for better healthcare (Xerri, 2013). Michelle should focus on uniting the nurses, assistant nurses, and secretaries to create harmony in health service delivery. The status of lack of teamwork is the main causative agent for all the coordination problems identified in the health centre. Michelle should ensure there is fair distribution of work according to each member’s experience and position in the organizational structure. This will guarantee improved services since each staff will perform their duties effectively. Another strategy for improving the quality of service is by implementing strict policies concerning response to services (Valsecchi, Wise, Mueller & Smith, 2012). Dimensions of service quality require reliability to characterize services for them to be considered of quality. Lack of answering call lights, denial to offer help when needed, and lack of cooperation in transcriptions should be investigated and minimized in order to enhance service quality.
Role of Michelle’s supervisor in solving the problem
The role of Michelle’s supervisor is to ensure that work is carried out in such a way that there is no compromise of each of the staff’s security, safety, and health. The supervisor should also do a thorough investigation to identify the roots of lack of cooperation among the staff and find mechanisms to counteract the adversities associated with issues that have already been observed. The primary interest of the supervisor will involve ensuring proper job performance. This will involve division of labor among employees to ensure that each member of staff performs their roles to the latter.
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Valsecchi, R., Wise, S., Mueller, F., & Smith, C. (2012). The practice of teamwork in health industry call centres. Employee Relations, 34(3), 288-305.
Xerri, M. (2013). Workplace relationships and the innovative behaviour of nursing employees: a social exchange perspective. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 51(1), 103-123. Read More
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Initial Post- Module 11 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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