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A good working relationship revolves around coworkers, the management and other related parties. It is important to maintain a good relationship amongst these people based on trust, honesty and…
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The ethics of whistle-Blowing
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Ethical Issues in Whistleblowing Task Ethical issues involved in a business, call for honesty and transparency. A good working relationship revolves around coworkers, the management and other related parties. It is important to maintain a good relationship amongst these people based on trust, honesty and transparency. However, there are businesses or people within the industries that seek personal gain by getting involved in acts such as fraud, bribery and corruption. Such events bring about crises such as losses for both the business and shareholders. In order to avoid such crises and maintain honesty and transparency, whistleblowers play a very important role (Bouville, 2007). These are people within the organization that see violations in business policies and report them to the relevant authorities. Many things are brought about by this behavior, ranging from honest business practices to mistrust among co-workers. There are certain considerations that have to be made when reporting malpractices in the business. Whistleblowing affects the way the business relates to its environment, and the way co-workers relate with each other.
Whistleblowing is the act of reporting a malpractice, wrongdoing or risk to the police, employer, customer, or a regulator (Davis, 2006). There are many instances, such as these found in an article about ethics by Verschoor (2013). An example of a case found in the article is one where an employee reported his employer for malpractices. In New York, Mohanbhai Ramchandani reported his employer and celebrity tailor Ramchandani for not reporting all of his profits in sales and taxes. According to Verschoor (2013), the employee was paid $1.1 million dollars for whistleblowing. Based on the analysis of this case, whistleblowing was the correct decision. This is because no one else can identify fraud apart from the people in the organization (Bouville, 2007). There could be acts involving corruption affecting, honest business practices that go against the law. Therefore, it is necessary for people to monitor business practices and report unhealthy business forms.
The act of whistleblowing is an act involving business ethics that has its benefits and demerits (Davis, 2006). A benefit of whistleblowing is that it protects investors of businesses from people that look to mismanage money for their own benefits. Unsuspecting customers also benefit from people who report malpractices in business. For example, a whistleblower protects patients from a doctor who overcharges for services and uses questionable means in administering treatment. However, whistleblowing has its demerits and one of them is that the whistleblower may end up losing his or her job. He or she is viewed by the business as disloyal and a person who brings disunity amongst other workers (Rimoldi & Zanchetti, 2007). It can cause poor relations amongst employees and relations between employers and employees.
Whistleblowing is a character that has many benefits compared to its disadvantages. For example, if a sum of money is offered for information about malpractice in an organization, it may cause a change in behavior of the employees, customers, and stakeholders. There are those that will look to benefit from the money offered. They will look deeply at every activity the organization participates. On the other hand, loyal people to the club will despise the whistleblowers (Rimoldi & Zanchetti, 2007). Employers will prevent the whistleblowers from advancing their careers in the organization. Whistleblowing is necessary since it ensures the operating of business in an honest way. For this reason, protection should be arranged for the whistleblowers and organizations to protect them from the negative effects of whistleblowing.
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