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This came forth in form of the a leak of confidential file and report which was suggestive of curbing the labor unions and other similar…
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Walmart case
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Identify employee labor relation strategy and explain possible reasons for strategy. The labor relation strategies came into force as a result of thesuspected high handedness of the managers and the line administration. This came forth in form of the a leak of confidential file and report which was suggestive of curbing the labor unions and other similar activities undertaken for the rights of the file members of the organization. The strategy was aimed at providing the labors with rights, protection and privileges both during their tenure at the company and in the post retirement phase. The strategy undertaken was a counter one, aimed at providing them safety and benefit.
The core strategy was to protect the services and rights of the labor members within the organization against the alleged use of authority and extra judicial powers that would further strangulate the status of the members associated.
Outline the environmental factors referred to in Chapter 2 affecting this situation.
The environmental factors include the labors safety, their security, their willingness to work in different circumstances, along with other factors that entail effective human relation management process and activities. Other factors include, bringing about improved working mechanism. Introducing the concept of labor unions, and providing them with resources and facilities that would enable true representation and elimination of the feeling of sense of depravity and other associated concepts. To provide them with the right kind of tools and techniques and other friendly atmospheric variables makes up for the environmental factors that are referred to in the chapter. All these factors so mentioned have a direct impact on the performance of the organization and the overall activities undertaken (Arnesen, 2007¸1427).
Arnesen, E. (2007). Encyclopedia of U.S. Labor and Working-class History, Volume 1. Taylor & Francis. Read More
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Walmart Case Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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