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Operational Challenges and Ethical Issues Faced by Walmart Inc - Case Study Example

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This study focuses on various challenges that have been faced by the company in relation to its ethical issues, operational issues and how the company has managed to overcome these challenges. The study considers ways through which the company has managed the challenges…
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Operational Challenges and Ethical Issues Faced by Walmart Inc
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Extract of sample "Operational Challenges and Ethical Issues Faced by Walmart Inc"

Download file to see previous pages The Company is owned on Family-based Mode of ownership, with an approximate share of 50%. It was founded in 1962, by Sam Walton, an American Entrepreneur. However, its official incorporation was undertaken in 1962, where its headquarters were set in Bentonville, Arkansas. The Company has also been rated as one of the largest world employers, with over two million employees strategically distributed among its warehouses, discount shops as well as within 11,000 shops distributed in the United States (Fishman 2013).
Another recent research published by the Fortune Global 500 indicated that the company has undergone rapid expansion over the last three decades 11,000 stores distributed in the United States and in other countries. Moreover, it has expanded its warehouses to 27 in 55 different countries where it operates with different business names for instance. In Mexico, the Company operates under the name of Mexico y Centroamerica, while in Japan it is referred to as the Seiyu.  
Competition in the business industry is among the most prevalent challenges that most entrepreneurs are subjected to. Wal-Mart Inc. Stores have been facing stiff completion from other retail stores that provide relatively similar goods and services at lower equal prices. The company has been continuously facing completion from low price retail stores such as the Walgreen, Costco, Kroger, Home Depot and the Target ( n.d). Research has shown that a large number of customers driven by a desire for quality of services and products have shifted their loyalty towards other retail shops mentioned herein. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Operational Challenges and Ethical Issues Faced by Walmart Inc Case Study)
Operational Challenges and Ethical Issues Faced by Walmart Inc Case Study.
“Operational Challenges and Ethical Issues Faced by Walmart Inc Case Study”, n.d.
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