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These programs would vary according to their intended purpose. These programs are in that they solve the physical and emotional issues that affect…
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Employee Health and Wellness Programs (EHWP)
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Maylunas, 2005) Employee Health Wellness Program Examples of Employee Health and Wellness programs There are varieties of programs available to assist employees overcome habits that would interfere with their personal health. These programs would vary according to their intended purpose. These programs are in that they solve the physical and emotional issues that affect employees. The employee Health and Wellness programs include:
a) Health Risk Assessment
This program collects data on the employee population. The data would assist the employers to monitor the standards of the industry. Through the program, one can keep track of the employee participation and determine whether they are in good shape. In addition, the data is continuous, thus keeping track of any changes in the employee population (Scientifically proven employee benefits, 2014).
b) Tobacco Cessation
In case, an employee would need to quit smoking, this program would assist the employee go through the whole process. This program would involve other areas that surround the employee, especially his nutrition, social and physical needs.
c) Weight management program
This program would include ensuring that the employee eats healthy and does enough exercises. The experts would give the employee a plan that would assist him avoid chances of getting illness such as diabetes and high cholesterol.
d) Lifestyle coaching
This program would assist an individual in avoiding risks in life and improve his general health. It comes with a list of proper behavior change, nutrition and physical exercise advice. The expert would design each individual’s goals and ensure that the employee achieves the goals. It is a good stress reliever (Scientifically proven employee benefits, 2014).
Worksite challenge
This program, offers challenges to employees, which would motivate them in their daily duties. The employees would choose a challenge from the available varieties. The challenges would vary according to the goals intended. Some of the common challenges available in this program would include walking, weight loss with several other outdoor exercises (Employee Health and Wellness Programs - Corporate Wellness, 2014).
The above programs were helpful in dealing with the physical and emotional stress that surrounded employees. Most of the employees participated in physical exercises, which enabled them to boost their physical health. Employees became aware of the good eating habits that assisted them avoid infections that are caused by poor eating habits. In addition, many received advice on the specific food nutrients that they should avoid to live longer. Most of the employees noted that their lifestyle contributed greatly to their misfortunes in life.
Program In use
Number of participants
Time of participation
Number that fell ill during the period
Employees that loved the program.
Tobacco Cessation
2 weeks
Weight management program
2 weeks
Lifestyle coaching
2 weeks
Worksite challenge
2 weeks
b) Measures of success:
Health care savings
Increase in the savings set aside by employees is a sign that the health care and wellness programs are beneficial to the employees. When employees contributing more to this, shows that employees are taking a keen interest in their personal health (Montgomery, 2008).
Return on investment (ROI)
Return on investment is a measure of success of a company. It determines if the company would continue investing and employing the same employees. With an increase in the returns, would show that the employees are working harder. Hardworking employees would translate to a healthy employee population. It would be true to say that; the programs were beneficial to the employees as they maintained good health to deliver as required (Kane, 2006).
Employee Health
The number of sick employees in the company would be a measure of the success of the wellness programs. Reduction in the number of sick employees shows that the employees took their programs seriously (Kane, 2006).

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