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The Employee Health Plan (EHP) of Kennedy Health System accords current and new employees (and their dependents?) with medical and dental benefits, including administration of annual vaccinations, maintenance of annual check-ups and health records, as well as a access to…
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Employee Health Plan 2010
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Employee Health Plan of the Plan: The Employee Health Plan (EHP) of Kennedy Health System accords current and new employees (and their dependents?) with medical and dental benefits, including administration of annual vaccinations, maintenance of annual check-ups and health records, as well as a access to wellness program (weight and stress management, smoking cessation, cardiovascular health management), to be launched this 2010.
The objectives of the program offered by the Employee Health Department are to provide services that promote a healthy environment for associates by providing medical benefits to employees (and dependents?). The Employee Health Department would schedule check-ups and administration of annual PPDs, (kindly spell out) vaccinations such as Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella and Influenza through regular correspondences and memoranda. This 2010, the Kennedy Health System is considering administering Pertussis Vaccine to those with risk of exposure.
Further, a wellness program would be launched this year with the objective of maintaining good health and improving one’s lifestyle through awareness of health risks and practice of well balanced nutritional diet and enough physical exercise.
The 2010 Kennedy Health System Employee Health programs focuses on associate vaccination programs assisting in following up on body substance exposures, injuries, and communicable diseases and maintaining employee health records as required by NJDOHSS, OSHA, AOA, and the Joint Commission.
In addition, pursuant to the requirements of OSHA and the Joint Commission of Accredited Hospitals Organization, standards on the Safe Patient Handling Act would be highlighted and required orientation and training, as required, would be administered.
The wellness programs (weight and stress management, smoking cessation, cardiovascular health management) would be launched on a self-directed approach making it free, voluntary and addresses unique issues tailored to each employee’s needs.
The EHP focuses of measuring its effectiveness through performance evaluation reports and regular assessments specifically in areas of high risk exposures such as Sharps/Fluid Exposure; Communicable Diseases; Influenza Vaccinations; Hepatitis Vaccinations, MMR Vaccines, Varicella Vaccines, among others. With the upcoming implementation of the administration for Pertussis Vaccine to those with risk for exposure, appropriate standards and rules of administration would be outlined for dissemination and appropriate guidelines.
Benefits for the EHP are available to all new and current employees and associates of Kennedy Health System (including their dependents). New employees can avail of medical and dental services, as well as access to the wellness program and the administration of annual vaccinations upon regularization.
Contact Person and Numbers
For inquiries on medical and dental services, check ups, schedules and venues for annual vaccinations of all types, implementation of the wellness program, and other related issues pertinent to the wellbeing and health condition of the beneficiaries, contact the Employee Health Department and look for Sharon Rodgers, RN (beeper number 289-6671).
The Employee Health Plan of Kennedy Health System is unique and specifically designed to tailor to the health needs of its employees and associates. Further, since KHS ensures the highest standards for the deliver of health care services to its constituents, pursuant to regulations imposed by different agencies such as the NJDOHSS, OSHA, AOA, and the Joint Commission, any plan of action or policy could be updated and modified to conform to the requirements of these agencies. Read More
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Employee Health Plan 2010 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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