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This was when the Congress enacted it to assist in governing the health sector. The aim of enacting these laws was to ensure that the health officers provide adequate care, and an…
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THE OSHA ACT THE OSHA ACT The Occupational Safety and Health Act (Halbert & Ingulli 2008) came into existence in 1970. This was when the Congress enacted it to assist in governing the health sector. The aim of enacting these laws was to ensure that the health officers provide adequate care, and an environment that creates freedom from toxins and accidents. The government was trying to protect its people from the hazards that threaten the provision of safe health care to patients. Majorly, the laws would assist the government to monitor the operation of the private health providers. In the act, health provider should seek measures that preserve and protect human resources. It created enforcers would oversee that health providers follow the rules and regulations in their daily operations. However, since its enactment, there are few success stories associated with it.
It has become expensive for companies to meet the requirements of the OSHA act. The rules, that the act issues have increased operating costs, making it difficult for companies to run affordable. In the case of violation, the company pays hefty fines within a restricted amount of time. There are additional fines for all the days that the company is unable to make right the violations. Such violation includes workplace accidents, which could be very often. It becomes difficult for companies to operate in such conditions. Mandatory employer compliance becomes a setback to people who want to start a company. This discourages entrepreneurship as entrepreneurs have a difficult time to try to play it safe (Halbert & Ingulli 2008).
The regulations have increased tension between workers and employees. Although it is good to ensure that workers have proper working conditions and protection, some workers tend to take this event to their advantage. Over the years employees have taken advantage of the laws to punish employers who detest them. This is because the laws are employee friendly, making them liable to abuse from the workers. Employers have little room to have an explanation for accidents that may occur in the company. Some accidents may be because of the employees’ ignorance and carelessness, making the company to suffer for no good reason. The National Labor Relations act contains rules giving the employees excess power over work related issues. Therefore, with employees in control of the workplaces, employers have a hard time in running a company (Halbert & Ingulli 2008).
The OSHA laws interfere with employment of workers in the private sector. Private companies hire workers depending on the amount available to pay them. When the employees realize that the company is a high-risk one, they may demand more salaries, or opt to take a job in another low risk company. In addition, OSHA tends to lower the utility of the workers who decide to work in higher risk companies. Such utilities lower the wages that the employees would get. In the end, the employers face difficulty in acquiring employees at affordable rates (Halbert & Ingulli 2008).
In conclusion, the OSHA laws, as described above, have been a disadvantage to the private sector. The private sector bares all the losses that the laws come with. The laws are slightly harder for the private companies as compared to other government companies. Therefore, with the discussion stated above, it is clear that the OSHA laws are out to hunt down the private companies.
Halbert, T., Ingulli, E. (2008). Law and Ethics in the Business Environment. New York: Cengage Learning. Read More
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