Career Exploration and Decision Making - Assignment Example

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The reporter states that understanding oneself leads to success in career and life satisfaction. As psychologists say that personality is the sum total of human behavior, one can succeed, find happiness and satisfaction without understanding temperament…
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Career Exploration and Decision Making
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Self-Assessment/Career Assessment
Understanding oneself leads to success in career and life satisfaction. As psychologists say that personality is the sum total of human behavior, one can succeed, find happiness and satisfaction without understanding temperament.
Comparing the result of the two careers and self from Keirsey Temperament and the Holland Occupational theme theory, there are similarities; some temperament traits which can be combined to produce success and satisfaction. This various temperament is, artistic, realistic, idealist and rationalist having a good much of them help a great deal. For instance, matching idealist and realistic creates a conducive environment for business company. Again, artistic and rationalist when they work in the same environment produces wonderful counseling and social team. These indicators are the best to assist one to do self assessment and lead in choosing a suitable and satisfying career. Having diverse temperament traits combined contribute to success in many ways, because each trait has its strength and weakness (Johnston 54). Hence, when there are challenges the different traits which are manifested in different person in a unique way helps in handling the case.
Possessing the trait of artistry and being determined in seeing things done in a systematic way counseling can be a gratifying career. This is because these are persons who can give all for their heartwarming. Again teaching need someone who understands and knows how to relate with others the temperament traits such as realistic, idealist and rationalist fits much. Effectiveness and competency can be realized in understanding ones temperament traits.
Work cited
Johnston, Susan M. The Career Adventure: Your Guide to Personal Assessment,
Career Exploration, and Decision Making. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2006. Print. Read More
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