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The paper under the title 'The Customer Experience Through the Customer's Eyes' focuses on different ways that customer satisfaction surveys can be used to improve quality. One is to frame the survey questions in such a way that the answers will be open-ended…
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The Customer Experience Through the Customers Eyes
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In order for customers to reflect or indicate their full satisfaction on a product or service quality, they have to see integrity and accountability measures being taken by the organization and this assures them of constant quality product. There is need for these two virtues are usually indicated in these surveys. If the results are to be followed and the virtues ensured, then there will be an increased trust in the products and an improvement in the outcomes based on quality.
Finally, disgruntled customers make criticisms when filling out these customer satisfaction surveys. These criticisms are usually accompanied by suggestions of how the customers expected the quality of the product or service to be. If the suggestions of the unsatisfied customers is paid attention to and acted upon, then the final quality of the product or service would improve. Read More
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