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How to Become a Childcare Worker - Assignment Example

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The paper 'How to Become a Childcare Worker' focuses on each culture, race, ethnicity which has its own unique features. For example, students living in villages have their own style e.g. they are slow, not equipped with electronic gadgets, maybe they are not financially strong…
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How to Become a Childcare Worker
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Extract of sample "How to Become a Childcare Worker"

Basically, the service offered should be tailor-made depending on the student background so that student develop the qualities that make him more resourceful, intelligent, understanding and he gets connected to the group and enjoy life and the process of learning.
What effect do race, ethnicity, and culture have on the developing child or adolescent?
The diverse culture makes it difficult to treat the child in the same manner while rendering human service. Children from one community, culture tend to be more close with a similar culture and avoid other groups which later might result in conflicts. It would result in group within the group. The challenge is to make children open minded. It is necessary to understand the psychology of child which generally is founded on diverse culture base. The language used communication methods also differ based on the background of diverse culture. Skills also differ depending on the cultural background. Health, nutrition condition also differ resulting in different characters, attitude and personality.
What are three careers in the field of human services working with children, adolescents, and their families? Give some background on the positions you discuss including some of the training and skills needed for the positions. Would you be interested in pursuing any of the careers you listed? Why or why not?
3 careers in the field of human service are Counsellor, the Social service Assistant and Childcare Worker. As Counsellor it is necessary to study the background of the child and family. In career counselling, it is necessary to know the tradition and skills of family . An important aspect is child skill. As Social service assistant basically it is necessary to provide food, mental healthcare including the adoption of the child and to take all the needed measures to make the child pursue the career which interests the child so that child can make the maximum contribution. As Childcare worker the responsibilities would be to feed, ensure safety and make child socialize.
Basic gaol according to Elizabeth K.Sproles is “to improve children’s physical, emotional and educational well being.” As far training and skills several works of literature are available on the subject. Several courses are offered by Universities all across the globe. Basically, training is required in the areas of child psychology, Child development, Child health nutrition, Child community relations, language diversities, literature, observation of child, cultural, linguistic differences, making connections, living in the diverse world etc. US Bureau of Labor Statistics highlighted “communication skills, instruction skills, people skills and physical stamina as important skills” in pursuing a career as a childcare worker. I would be interested to pursue the Career of Counsellor. Counsellor’s role is important. As counsellor, it will be necessary to make a detailed study of the child and provide the right career guide and any wrong move will affect the future of the child. E.g. If a child is from entrepreneur background it makes sense to pursue MBA from reputed University instead of taking over parents business without getting necessary professional skills. Counsellor indeed is torch bearer to shape up child career. He needs to go in detail –understand strength and weaknesses and then give the right advice. Supporting a Child financially no doubt is a good cause. However, it is better to teach fishing than providing fish which gives only a one-time solution. Read More
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(How to Become a Childcare Worker Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 716 Words)
How to Become a Childcare Worker Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 716 Words.
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