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Domestic and international HRM policies and practices - Essay Example

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From the essay "Domestic and international HRM policies and practices," it is clear that overpowering effects of globalization have created environmental volatility and a base for increased competition.This required management to explore further strategic theories and models…
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Domestic and international HRM policies and practices
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Download file to see previous pages historical development of SHRM, originated in succession with the paternalist view point, personnel, human relations, industrial relations & personnel management, HRM, SHRM and was succeeded by IHRM (Ryan, 2005; Hall & Hitch, 1939). However, Dickman goes on to state that "it is necessary to go beyond strategy and structure to focus on processes to begin to understand how sophisticated international HRM may contribute to increased efficiency, responsiveness and innovativeness." (2001: 1)

Ryan (2005) states that the HRM mantra achieves five key variables these being: flatter structures, cohesive cultures, strong leadership, productivity through people and customer focus. In practice HRM is largely third position on the managerial agenda (Ryan, 2005:5). In short, HRM is concerned with the management of people, the employer-employee relationship or labour regulation which has existed since the first form of formal organisation (Kamoche, 2001). HRM is also seen as the differentiating factor between successful and unsuccessful organisations, more important than technology or finance in achieving a competitive advantage. This is more so in the service sector throughout the UK (Marchington & Wilkinson, 2005).

HRM is predominately undertaken by an organisation to operate its human resources successfully and includes: planning, staffing, performance management training and development, compensation and industrial relations. However, there is much heated debate and scepticism put forward on whether HRM is differentiated from personnel management and industrial relations, as some claim HRM makes apparent the contemporary reality of today's competitive environment (Beardwell et al. 2004). Regardless of the continuing debate, it is generally accepted that the functional...
HRM is predominately undertaken by an organization to operate its human resources successfully and includes: planning, staffing, performance management training and development, compensation and industrial relations. However, there is much-heated debate and skepticism put forward on whether HRM is differentiated from personnel management and industrial relations, as some claim HRM makes apparent the contemporary reality of today’s competitive environment (Beardwell et al. 2004). Regardless of the continuing debate, it is generally accepted that the functional responsibility traditionally falls under the HRM umbrella. It also involves the integration of goals throughout the firm, with the employer committed to the value of human labor (Guest, 1987). One must recognize that HRM practices are used in every organization to manage employee issues, but the degree of use varies. Nonetheless, HRM originated as a US based concept with the ‘Michigan model’ being the first of its kind (Warner & Joynt, 2002).The economic growth of the 1990’s was associated with multinational companies (MNCs) and FDI expansion as 53,000 MNC’s controlled 450,000 subsidiaries, accounting for 25% of world output in developed economies and now the figures have risen extraordinarily. The organization of economic cooperation and development (OECD) concede that FDI has exonerated and achieved record levels of inflow and outflows as capital movement is not restricted (Beardwell et al. 2004). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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