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What HR Managers Must Know about Employee Sabotage - Dissertation Example

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In the paper “What HR Managers Must Know about Employee Sabotage” the author analyzes misunderstanding and lack of proper communication between Managers and their supervisors. Misrecognition of the point of view of the managers can become quite a demanding task…
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What HR Managers Must Know about Employee Sabotage
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Extract of sample "What HR Managers Must Know about Employee Sabotage"

Download file to see previous pages Attribution theory attaches two types of explanation for things that happened in the above-explained paragraph, i.e. it gives two kinds of explanation: External Attribution and Internal Attribution. Thus the question naturally arises that by knowing the kinds of attribution that people make or subordinates make, in this case, can managers control their behavior? When internal attribution is enforced or rather induced with care it is indeed easy to implement. It happens because when people make an internal attribution for their actions, they also change their attitudes and beliefs about themselves. Thus, the desired behavior follows naturally. What about the use of external attributions? Through rewards and punishments, the actions only follow as long as the reward or punishment matters to the subject. The reward or punishment prevents people from making an internal attribution and thus acquires not an internally motivated habit to produce the desired behavior. Instead, they expect some external agent to cause their actions.
3.0 Perception and Managers
Subordinates may feel uncomfortable about the supervisors’ possession of higher power (to make them conform to his views) and most of the time their perspectives are thus more distorted under a sense of oppression. This may reduce right understanding of managers perspective, which is seen as threatening and thus subordinates try not to think in his/her way so as not to be engulfed or “change” into a person who can be manipulated according to the managers' wishes. Hence, by maintaining a somewhat resistant perspective they feel less overpowered and freer. However, managers may take this stance of positively using their power for effective decision-making, which constitutes rationality of decision, acceptance of the decision by the subordinate and effective time given to make the decision. Positive power held by a manager may also stimulate interest among his/her subordinates to view the organizational work from a newer perspective. Even if that work objective does not coincide with the manager, but may contain the greater interest of the firm or organization, thereby generating greater awareness of the mission. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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