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The Organizations Restructuring Programs and HRD Practices - Research Paper Example

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This paper identifies a set of closely related endogenous and exogenous variables affecting the dynamic growth of the business organization against the evolving backdrop of competition related training & development needs, methods, training manager’s role, organizational issues and HRD problems…
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The Organizations Restructuring Programs and HRD Practices
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Download file to see previous pages This study basically draws on the HRD policy based convergence/divergence parameters of the organization for the continuous analysis for proper articulation of the HRD strategy at a broader level through its theoretical underpinnings are based on the need to focus attention on the evolving environment of competition. HRD policies and initiatives have received greater attention in the current period due to highly articulate employee skills training and development strategies at the individual firm level. Thus the theoretical and empirical analysis of this paper is based on the available literature on the subject at a global level along with an analysis based on the business organizations’ own HRD practices. In other words, an HRD policy and initiative based analysis is a near approximation of an otherwise intractable continuum which lacks definable contours and a logical conceptual framework of reference. While theoretical constructs underlying this approach have been presented as a uniform analysis there is very little attention being focused on the qualitative paradigm shift caused by the a priori and a posteriori catalytic changes. Thus the qualitative shift in this study is essentially based on these outcomes and the latest calibrations and/or benchmarks enunciated by researchers to establish a conceptual framework for analysis. This paper just focuses on the latest HRD related practices and theoretical evolutionary process with reference to the global level. HRD function as against HRM is much facilitated when the scale of operations expands beyond a certain minimum level. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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