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Report or summary of the Human Capital Tools and Strategies for the Public Sector by Sally Coleman Selden - Book Report/Review Example

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REVIEW - HUMAN CAPITAL TOOLS AND STRATEGIES FOR THE PUBLIC SECTOR BY SALLY COLEMAN SELDEN Class name Due date Review This book, ‘Human Capital Tools and Strategies for the Public Sector’, by Sally Coleman Selden mainly covers the discussion about the tools and strategies to improve the efficiency of public sector organizations…
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Book report or summary of the book Human Capital Tools and Strategies for the Public Sector by Sally Coleman Selden
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Extract of sample "Report or summary of the Human Capital Tools and Strategies for the Public Sector by Sally Coleman Selden"

Download file to see previous pages Te basic concept provided by the author is that when public sector organizations introduce and implement employee-oriented practices, such as, merit-based recruitment and selection, learning opportunities, formal training systems, performance appraisal systems, compensation plans, internal career ladders, job security, and employee involvement in decision making, employees become more motivated which consequently helps organizations in meeting their goals and objectives. The book starts with stressing on the importance of recruiting and selecting right people for the organizations because they are the people who have to work for the cause of the organizations. Companies need to give huge importance to the recruitment and selection phase because it works as the root for overall organizational productivity. The better the employee selection will be, improved will be the level of organizational output and efficiency. In order to do right selection, the HR manager should always give value to experience, qualification, and skills regardless of racial, gender, and other differences in employees. There must be some specific selection criteria for every job which should be made in accordance with the needs and specifications of the job and HR manager should follow those criteria for doing right selection. Along with employee selection, retaining the right employees is also a considerable issue for the public sector organizations. High employee turnover is never a good prospect for any organization and works as a hurdle in the achievement of goals and objectives. Highly skilled employees can only be retained through effective employee management techniques and practices. The author also stresses on the importance of developing an individual learning plan in the fourth chapter of the book. The main purpose of employee learning and development is to make new and existing employees capable of performing their job tasks in an effective manner. If we talk from organizational perspective, we can say that learning and training are the most important employee related functions of any public sector organization because they are directly related to the deliverance of quality in professional activities. Learning is a key phase of employee development process which results in improving the performance of employees and makes employees able to meet all types of public sector challenges. Learning and training enhance the skills and potential of employees which employees can use to carry out their job responsibilities in an appropriate manner. Learning enhances knowledge and skills which one can use to deliver high level job performances. The book also covers a discussion on developing employees and leaders. Employee development is a future oriented process that results in multiple benefits, such as, improvement in the quality of employees, incorporating technological advances, retaining key employees, and making employees meet global competition challenges. Employee development occurs through training, as well as through effective employee management. Public sectors organizations should focus on developing good leaders from employees because when employees will have the qualities of a good leader, they will not only show commitment to the cause of the organization but also will play a dynamic role in motivating other employees in carrying out their job ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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