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Fair Compensation Budgeting - Essay Example

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Fair Compensation Budgeting Name Institution Date Fair Compensation Budgeting Introduction Fair compensation is the situation where workers are rewarded according to their efforts. It is different from compensation where workers are paid without taking into consideration the efforts that workers put into production process…
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Fair Compensation Budgeting
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Download file to see previous pages She has held this position for the last two years though she has not been very successful. This is because she was under a male manager who could not work with female workers freely. The former manager did not treat workers equally because, in this business, women were not paid the same salary as men. The new manager noted that women were not paid an equivalent rate as men for the same work. Question 1 What factors in the current compensation system for the county not identified here might influence Amy’s response? The current compensation system for the county pays women less salary than women. This is not fair because all workers are entitled to the same remuneration. However there are a number of things that will influence Amy in order to change the situation of unequal treatment of men and women in Adam County. First, Amy should research and find out whether both men and women are allocated the same duties in the company. She should evaluate this to find out whether, the fact that women are paid lower salaries than men is justified. Apparently, the previous manager might have been paying men more money probably because they were subjected to more work load. Amy should find out exactly why this was the case and address the situation from that point. Secondly, Amy might be influenced by the fact that women take more leave days than men. ...
Such skills include ability to team work, working under pressure but not expecting an extra pay. For women this might seem hard because of their biological make up and their household responsibilities. These responsibilities such as child bearing and raising might be inhibiting the full performance of women at the workplace and therefore cannot be relied upon, for example, to do activities such as those of departmental heads. In addition, by the fact that departmental heads work involves a lot of travelling, women might not handle such tasks because of the constraints put on him by society. For example women who take a lot of time away from their husbands are often branded bad and false accusations of engaging in extra marital affairs while away for a prolonged time. Amy might also consider the commitment workers have towards the business. She will be influenced by those workers who have a spirit to work rather than those who work to earn money. To identify these workers she will be guided by how, for example, workers are punctual to work. The quality of work that such a worker does is also a crucial item to consider. If for example, workers are assigned similar duties, the manager should determine who among those workers the first to do the job is. The manager may also consider commitments outside the workplace, for example, commitment in family affairs and other matters connected with that family. There is a direct link between the performance of the work and the relationship with spouses at home. Workers spend a lot of time in the workplace and also in the family place. The balance between the two places is important for the profitability of the company. In addition, the number of dependents the worker has maybe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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