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BIOMETRIC VOTER REGISTRATION KIT TRAINING EVALUATE Name Institution Date Purpose Developing human resource practices requires a well-organized series of straining that will ensure adaptability with the changing working environment. It is therefore important that evaluate phase is given much attention as it focuses on the quality assessment of the methodology and instructional concepts applied in training program (Brinkerhoff,1987)…
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Download file to see previous pages Evaluation Rationale The justification behind evaluation in human resource development can be attributed to instructional provision of empirical data that would be helpful in improving the outcome of the training program. Most organizations expect a better overall performance but this is attached to individual productivity. This explains the need for individual focused training that is likely to help trainees realize their unique and diverse potentials. There will be three general levels of evaluation and the first one will be perception. In this level, the recruits or employees will be initiated to develop sense of training environment where instructors use different approaches to express ideas (Piskurich, 2003). In this case, much attention will be shifted to level 2 type of evaluation which constitutes learning. This level of evaluation will be executed through administration of written test to find out the content knowledge of the trainees at the end of the program. In regard to biometric voter registration kits applications, this test may equally include practical requirement that trainees show their newly acquired skills in ease of using the kit, successfully assembling and disassembling it. The tests are taken through review by the human resource team to identify the strengths and weak points of each employee for further actions and improvement strategies. The last part and third part which is performance is critical as it will help the trainers and human resource team identify the pitfalls when the trainees have begun to undertake trials with the kit. The five W’s and H of learning as a critical aspect of training in human resource development and for the use of biometric voter registration kit is presented in the table below. Who What when where why how Perception Administered by electoral body Facilitator Measure recruits perception of the training Immediately after training session In the classroom before they leave the training program Determine if the recruits/staff were satisfied with the content and / or the instructor Survey Learning Administered by electoral body Facilitator Measure knowledge and skills learned in using the BVR kit Administered at the end of the training program In the classroom and on the job To ensure that recruits/staff have acquired necessary knowledge to use the kits Hands on test In class practice Performance Administered by electoral body HR Development and Training head. Measure of actual transfer of learning of assembling the BVR kit components, using it to successfully register potential electorate and disassemble after use. After the recruits finish a given stage of training On the orientation phase Determine recruits’ ability to understand and use the Biometric voter registration kit. Observation Supervisor assessment Performance checklist Evaluation Tools Level 1 Training Survey Evaluation Scale: Evaluation Scale (1) Superior (2) Excellent (3) Good (4) Fair (5) Poor The content of the module was practical and useful to my contract I will be able to use the knowledge and skills gained through this training program The content of this activity matched announced objectives The delivery method (handouts, videos and demonstration) were appropriate The instructor was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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