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Designing an Evaluation Reporting and Communication - Assignment Example

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The primary purpose of communicating and reporting the evaluation findings is, to ask, inform, persuade as well as to build up goodwill. As a course, communication and reporting the evaluation findings has synonyms, for example, expressing viewpoint, conversing, and corresponding, verbal communication, and writing, exchanging and listening and so on…
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Designing an Evaluation Reporting and Communication
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Download file to see previous pages People communicate to fulfill their wants both in their work and non-work related spheres of life. They desire to be heard, to be valued and to be wanted. They also wish to finish tasks and accomplish their goals. For true communication and reporting the evaluation findings, there must be a broadcast of view, feelings and thoughts from one mind to the other.
2) To whom (what audiences) did you communicate the findings to?
The audiences to whom the findings are communicated should be the Potential Users. A good strategy for communicating more efficiently is to assist audience to listen more efficiently. Study shows that communicators who identify their audience are more successful in attaining their communication goals. Optimizing communication will require identifying not only who the audience is, but also what they require from the communication task. “Effective communication is about getting your message across. Specifically, it involves capturing the audience's attention, ensuring that audience understands the idea that is being conveyed, and encouraging audience to do something with that information, such as remember it, apply it, or provide feedback” (Effective Communication, 2013, 1).
Effective communication, therefore, is centered on the audience. It is audience-friendly, just as effectual software is user-friendly. It shows respect to audience by keeping away from undue informality and by proofreading and crafting text thoroughly, but not speaking or writing in a special method to ‘sound scientific.’...
Please explain. From the very beginning, reporting is seen as a fundamental part of evaluation, and it permits to: Communicate what one does; Examine and track development; Show impact; Document lessons learned; And be answerable and translucent to donors, benefiting communities and partners. Reporting timelines frequently present a chief constraint on the evaluation program. Particularly, the need to report findings in time in order to inform decisions of the funding for the next stage of a program often means that reports are required previous to impacts being observed. In these circumstances, it will be essential to report on interim results, and to present any evidence of the research that demonstrates how these are significant pre-requisites or predictors to the final impacts. With the primary intended users, their needs of learning, and their timelines in mind, building up a communication plan to show the process of evaluation reporting is essential. 4. Please describe the format your organization used to communicate the evaluation findings. An evaluation represents a huge savings in time and funds, yet organizations frequently report that evaluation reports are not read, and in various cases, a report’s recommendations are unused. There are mainly four steps used to communicate the evaluation findings. Step 1: Identify Reporting and Communication Challenges: In theory, resistance and anxiety must be lessened by the participatory, “utilization focused evaluation approach and mitigated by a focus on evaluation as dialogue and learning, rather than on judgment and accountability” (Stetson, 2008, 2). Step 2: Describes the Communication Purpose: The communication purpose is to allow the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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