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Employee Turnover - Research Paper Example

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This paper is meant to diagnose the problems associated with the luxury hotels that bring about the high employee turnover as well as the suggested ways of how to deal with the high turnover rate. Employee turnover has been found to be among the highest in the hospitality industry…
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Employee Turnover
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Download file to see previous pages Normally, the major reasons for a job change have to do with better benefits or satisfaction. The employees have a tendency to move towards an industry with better motivation in terms of benefits as well as satisfaction. They also assume a lifetime perspective as they make choices about job change. Employees therefore make such choices to change their jobs while considering the future changes in job satisfaction and enrichment as well as maximized benefits. Luxury hotels are among the categories of hotels in the hospitality industry. These kind of hotels are specifically built in strategic areas where there is targeted market of high class people in the society as well as foreign and domestic tourists. They are normally positioned in the big cities of a country where the GDP of that country is high and center for the business district where politicians, renowned businessmen, diplomats and other dignitaries can access them. They are also situated at tourist attraction centers where the tourists can get access to them whenever they visit the centers. These hotels are normally very expensive to board considering the kind of architecture they employ as well as the high standard of service that they offer. According to their positions or where they are situated, some of these hotels operate only on a seasonal basis. This is so because tourism makes the largest of their clients and when the tourists are not around, the hotels remain closed for a better part of their operation yearly. There are different categories of employees that do exist in the luxury hotels and these are together with; management as well as non-management. Management employees consist of those employees involved in the major decision making about the hotels which forms the basis for running the hotels. These might be together with the Chief Executive officer, Managing Director, Chief of Staff as well as Departmental Heads. They are involved in the major decision making about the hotel. The other category of employees is the non-management employees. This category consists of workers of lower rank like the casual laborers as well as the departmental employees apart from their heads that fall in the management category. Reasons for High Turnover in Luxury Hotels There are various reasons why employee turnover rate is very high in the luxury hotels. Some of these reasons are together with the seasonality of the hotel customers, low compensation level as well as low job satisfaction and enrichment that reduces the employees’ self esteem due to low employee motivation. (a) Seasonality of the Industry The major clients of the luxury hotels are the tourists apart from those built in the city centers which do not necessarily have to depend on tourists. Tourism as well known is a seasonal industry where the tourists may come to a country to visit different sites just during a particular season after which they go back to their country and attend to their other duties for the rest of their time until the season returns. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employee Turnover Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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