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GLOBE project - Research Paper Example

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GLOBE project Name Institution The notion of a global research program related to leadership and organization processes began in 1991. GLOBE project examines the interrelationships between organizational culture, societal culture, and organizational leadership…
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GLOBE project
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Download file to see previous pages Title: Globe Project - Cultural Dimensions Dimension Japan China Performance Orientation Scores highly on performance orientation. This reflects citizens with high drive for achievement who are likely to derive pleasure from continuous progress, like handling tasks with modest prospect of success since they signify a challenge, seek regular feedback, take individual responsibility for their deeds, look for information on ways of improving performance, and are usually innovative. This country also has a high score. This is related to significance of information, taking personal initiative, spotlight on the future, self-actualization, or self-reliance (autonomy) and planning, being results and task oriented, use of clear, direct and explicit language, and possessing a sense of urgency of accomplishing things. Chinese accord status to other people based on accomplishments and achievement, rather than acknowledgment based on a particular background or superiority of an individual. Uncertainty Avoidance Uncertainty avoidance is high, reflecting citizens who actively seek to lessen the probability of unpredictable upcoming events that might adversely influence the operation of a society or organization and remedy the achievement of such adverse consequences. This high rank is associated with the use of processes, such as consistent resolution rules to minimize the need to forecast uncertain occasions in the future. Culturally, this society is linked to phenomena as keeping meticulous records, a preference of job security, avoiding ambiguity, documentation, resistance to change, information and feedback seeking, and taking calculated risks. High uncertainty avoidance. This is a sign of a society that consistently seeks orderliness, formalized procedures, consistency, structure, and regulations to tackle important events as well as naturally happening uncertainties in their everyday lives. The society is characterized by aspects of technology, coordination, laws, rules, policies, and rituals used to deal with uncertainty. In-Group Collectivism Japan ranks high on in-group collectivism. It is a representation of great pride in membership to the society, a powerful sense of group identity, and sentimental recognition toward the society. Similarly, china is among the highest ranking cultures in terms of in-group collectivism. This society has strong emphasis on cohesiveness, collaboration and harmony. Power Distance Japan is ranked in higher position. This reflects the society has high degree of acceptance and endorsement to power differences, authority, power differences, and status privileges. The extent to which members of this society anticipate and accepted that power should be shared unevenly is high. Power holders in this society are awarded greater privileges, status, and material incentives than those who lack power. China also has a high rank. This is associated with higher chance of acceptance towards decision-making approaches of persons in charge, capacity to influence, prospect of having sovereign thought and expressing opinions, respect to authority, and use of artifacts as symbols of ranks and titles. Gender Egalitarianism Gender egalitarianism is ranked as low in Japan. The extent to which people value gender egalitarianism in this society is low. People in this society do not value gender Egalitarianism or believe that the gender of a member should determine their responsibility in homes, businesses, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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