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Running Head: Performance Management Performance Management Name of Writer Performance Management Introduction International performance management is an important part of the HR process because it helps to enhance the productivity and output of the workforce…
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Moduel 5 case Assignmnet
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Running Head: Performance Management Performance Management Performance Management Introduction International performance management is an important part of the HR process because it helps to enhance the productivity and output of the workforce. It helps to create a talented workforce which can work towards the accomplishment of key organizational objectives. A talented workforce is the backbone of modern organizations because they help to increase the revenues and profits of the organization. This paper focuses on the development of an international performance management system for a Chinese based US-Chinese joint venture that has a predominantly Chinese workforce. The goal of the paper is to identify the key factors that need to be taken into consideration when creating the performance management system. Implementation Performance management has been defined as a strategic and coordinated process that seeks to ensure long term business growth and profitability for organizations by ensuring that its workforce can work in an efficient and effective manner (Armstrong, 2006). Performance management is an important aspect of joint ventures between international and local organizations. This is because of the fact that performance targets are part of the formal control processes that are implemented in achieving high levels of efficiency and effectiveness. The role of performance management in improving corporate culture can be determined by the fact that it helps to create a sound performance appraisal system. The organization needs to select the tangible and intangible criteria when devising an international performance management system (Boxall & Macky, 2009). Another issue is to take into account individual as well as team based appraisals. Finally, the results determined from the performance appraisal need to be integrated with key HR decisions like compensation and promotion. International Considerations The joint Chinese-US venture needs to be considering a number of factors when creating an international performance management system. A major decision will be needed as to whether a customized approach or consistent approach will be applicable. A customized approach means that the organizations develop country specific frameworks, competency models, and reward systems in the local country (Chang, 2005). The consistent approach seeks to create a universal model that is applied in other branches of the organization. American work culture focuses on the employees being given independence and delegation so that they can resolve complex business problems and apply innovative thinking to finish their tasks. There is minimum supervision as the workforce is usually allowed to participate in the decision making process by giving valuable feedback (Mullins, 2011). On the contrary, Chinese work culture encourages employees to work as part of the organization. The emphasis is towards the interests of the organization while obedience and loyalty are highly cherished values in the Chinese work environment. The joint venture will need to take into account these local Chinese values when creating the international performance management system. Leadership styles are different in China and the United States because of cultural attributes (Legge, 2004). Chinese workforce believes that leaders should be able to provide guidance and vision for their success. American leaders believe in individual initiatives in order to foster creativity and growth. The international performance management system needs to create a common ground for success. This will help in attaining long term goals. Societal, legal, environmental, and cultural variables also need to be taken into account when developing the international performance management system. The organization needs to elucidate the process of appraisal with respect to the methods that will be used. Additionally, there is the need to determine the frequency of performance appraisals that will be undertaken in the organizational environment. Conclusion The international performance management needs to take into account various variables when creating a viable and effective system. First the organization needs to determine whether it will use a customized or consistent appraisal process. Secondly, the organization needs to take into account the cultural differences in China and the United States. Chinese workforce performs activities based upon different cultural values. Thirdly, it is vital to focus on the frequency of appraisals as well as the type of methods which will be employed. Finally, the organization needs to take into account the different technical and legal requirements of the activities in the organization. The organization needs to have a comprehensive strategy for success so that it will be able to attain long term success. it needs to analyze the different requirements and create an effective international performance management system. It is through the use of innovative and creative approaches that success can be attained in the long term. References Armstrong, Michael (2006). “A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice (10th Ed.)”. London: Kogan Page. Boxall, P., and Macky, K. (2009), “Research and theory on high-performance work systems progressing the high-involvement stream”, Human Resource Management Journal, Vol.19 No. 1, pp. 1-21. Chang, E. (2005), “Employees' overall perception of HRM effectiveness”, Human Relations, Vol. 58 No. 4, pp. 523-544 Legge, Karen (2004). “Human Resource Management: Rhetorics and Realities (Anniversary Ed.)”. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan Mullins, L. J. (2011).Management and Organizational Behavior. 4th. London: Pitman Read More
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Moduel 5 Case Assignmnet Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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