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Diversity Rearch Audit - Admission/Application Essay Example

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With regards to the research proposal that this student has chosen to present, the firm to be measured, understood, and extrapolated on is Sodexo. This particular firm currently retains the top ranking in Diversity Inc’s listing of most diverse firms within the United States…
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Diversity Rearch Audit
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Download file to see previous pages In seeking to trace why Sodexo has experienced such a high level of diversity, the first article that will be mentioned within this brief literature review is entitled “Shifting the Diversity Climate” (Ringold & Feinstein, 2011). As such, Ringold and Feinsten point to the ways in which Sodexo made a marked shift towards seeking to promote greater degrees of diversity in the hopes that it could boost their success. Realizing that it is not possible for a firm to be profitable and exist and thrive in a market that is itself increasingly diverse, Sodexo came to realize the means of capturing such a market was at least tangentially dependent upon the level of diversity they could represent. A similar approach is made with respect to Anand and Winters’ (2008) analysis that sought to integrate a further level of appreciation for the way in which Sodexo led the shift towards appreciating diversity and the impacts that it could bring as early as 1964. In allowing the reader to gain a level of oversight with regards t the historical development that the culture took, the article is useful in helping to formulate a historical approach to how and why the diversity came to be evidenced in the way it did within the modern era. Thomas and Creary’s 2011 piece entitled “Shifting the Diversity Climate: The Sodexo Solution”, hinges upon the degree and extent to which Sodexo was not satisfied with the current levels of diversity that they experienced and sought to integrate with new initiatives as a means of boosting them. This focus upon the measurable metrics of what defined diversity and the means through which it would come to be redefined and practiced...
Thomas and Creary’s 2011 piece entitled “Shifting the Diversity Climate: The Sodexo Solution”, hinges upon the degree and extent to which Sodexo was not satisfied with the current levels of diversity that they experienced and sought to integrate with new initiatives as a means of boosting them. This focus upon the measurable metrics of what defined diversity and the means through which it would come to be redefined and practiced within the firm is a fundamentally important starting point in helping the reader to come to a more informed conclusion concerning how diversity was redefined and understood by the decision makers of the company. Although a great deal of analysis can be placed with regards to how Sodexo defines diversity, Mills realizes that it is at least tangentially important to understand the way in which the remainder of the business world has defined diversity of the course of the past several decades as a means of developing a baseline of understanding with regards to how Sodexo sought to differentiate itself from the remainder of the marketplace. This understanding is of course needful for the researcher as it provides the benchmark through which Sodexo may be measured; as well as the bnechmarek that Sodexo utilized to measure itself and see what needed to be done in order to create a more ethical and equitable firm. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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