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Job Description for a Retail Sales Associate - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Job Description for a Retail Sales Associate” the author analyzes the main purpose of retail sales to provide services to customers and help them make decisions regarding. Retail sales associate’s job is to greet the customer, and try to make as many sales as possible…
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Job Description for a Retail Sales Associate
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Download file to see previous pages The three behaviors necessary for job performance are customer focused attitude, taking initiative, and excellent communication skills. All these behaviors are extremely important for job performance at the retail store. Customers focused attitude should be enforced in employees by rewarding employees on a per sales basis. Employees who take initiative should also be recognized and employee of the month competition should be used to encourage employees to take initiative. Taking initiatives involves doing something that is not a necessary part of their job description. Communication skills should also be rewarded and customers can be asked to fill a feedback form to evaluate communication skills of employees. Organization behavior modification is known to influence performance of employees and, therefore, can effectively be used to enhance performance of employees of retail store (Stajkovic & Luthans, 1997). Evaluating Performance and Informing EmployeesPerformance of employees can be evaluated different techniques. One obvious way is to observe change in sales pattern in order to understand whether employees are exhibiting key behaviors or not. If employees have a customer focused attitude then sales should definitely improve. Also it is important to see whether employee behavior is having a positive financial effect on the business. The second method to evaluate employee performance can be to take customer feedback and observe results of ‘employee of the month’ competition. Employees who are lagging....
Employees who are lagging behind in such competitions are the ones who are not exhibiting key behaviors. Another method can be to take customer feedback as it can also provide first hand information regarding the performance of employees. It is also essential to inform employees about the new performance standards set in the organization so that they can also mend their behavior according to the new standards. One simple way is to email employees or give them a small pep talk in which manager can explain about the new performance standards and how employee performance will be measured from now on. A better approach would be to conduct training session in which all employees should be explained why new performance standards are implemented and how these standards might improve the overall business of the store. All small details of the performance standards should be explained and manager should communicate what he expects from his employees. It is important to communicate with employees in a detailed manner on a regular basis when any organization is going through a change process (Vakola & Nikolaou, 2005). This is why communication with employees regarding performance management is so important for managers. Feedback Plan and Methods to Reinforce Positive Behavior The two methods to provide feedback to employees will be through email and via face to face interaction. These two methods can be used together to communicate the employees about their performance. Email is important because employees should have a record of their performance. Also it is a personalized way to provide feedback as other employees will not know about the performance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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