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Enviromental Pressure - Assignment Example

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Environmental Pressure 1. Creation of the Table Organizational Pressure can be defined as the aspects that broadly affect the competences as well as the operations of an organization affecting its effectiveness and overall productivity by a greater degree…
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Enviromental Pressure
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Extract of sample "Enviromental Pressure"

Environmental Pressure Creation of the Table Organizational Pressure can be defined as the aspects that broadly affect the competences as well as the operations of an organization affecting its effectiveness and overall productivity by a greater degree. The three organizational pressures relating to the Department of Agriculture has been provided below with rankings in accordance with their influence. Rank Organizational Pressure 1. Technological obsolescence and innovations. 2. Information overload. 3. The varying nature of workforce. Environmental Pressure Environmental pressures are regarded as those pressures that affect an organization due to the conduct of various severe human activities. The environmental pressures as per the Department of Agriculture has been portrayed and ranked as follows: Rank Environmental Pressure 1. Compliance with different governmental based regulations. 2. Strong competition. 3. Greater Social Responsibility. 2. Detailed Description Organizational pressures can result from various factors. These include altering nature of the personnel, immense information overload and alterations in the governmental rules along with regulations. It can be stated that the aforesaid pressures can impose significant impact upon the overall performance of the Department of Agriculture. In terms of shifting nature of the workforce, the department might face certain critical problems in raising the standards of its operational procedure. From the perspective of immense information workload, the department can get affected in terms of concentrating in developing its decision-making as well as problem-solving procedure. Finally, relating to the aspect of altering governmental rules along with regulations, the department might face the difficulty of successfully conducting its various operational functions (Ghosh, 2013). There is always a great deal of pressure from the external business environment and the organization has to continuously adapt itself to these changes. In the case of Department of Agriculture, the three main environmental pressures can be viewed to be strong competition in the global economy, adoption as well as the execution of new as well as innovative technologies and social responsibility. Every company has to continuously adapt itself towards implementing innovative technologies in order to survive in this competitive business market. Relating to the Department of Agriculture, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) opined that the biotechnology firms could have a major impact on the quality of human environment which meant that they are required to adopt and execute effective technologies for the purpose of mitigating different environmental related pressures (Ludwig, 2011). 3. Impact of the Pressures From Financial Perspective The organizational and the environmental pressures might impose tremendous impact upon the financial position of Department of Agriculture. As a result of the eruption of organizational pressures, the department may face significant losses resulting in gradual decline of the firm in terms of raising operational costs along with the rate of employee turnover. On the other hand, the emergence of various environmental pressures may result in making the department towards ineffective adaptation to the new and innovative technologies which may restrict the department from entering into partnership with foreign countries (Hoppe, MacDonald, & Korb, 2010). 4. Impact of the Organizational Pressures on the Employees Apart from the impact of organizational pressures from a financial perspective, these pressures had an adverse effect on the employees with regard to their stability in the agriculture department. It is of utmost importance to explain the existing situation of the department to the employees and also how the mission, idea, values and objectives would continue to benefit the members and the organization as well. The members need to precisely understand why the change is being considered and should be provided with adequate information to assess the changes (Wadsworth, 2002). On the other hand, the environmental impact especially upon the human activities greatly depend on the amount of the equipments taken from the available resources and also on the ecosystem modifications through conducting the activity of farming and other changes in the use of land (Wadsworth, 2002). 5. Reaction of the Organization Towards The Pressures The department can react towards both organizational as well as environmental pressures through adapting different sorts of special techniques that can differentiate it from other chief competitors. Moreover, the department can also react towards the above discussed pressures through generating products that are customized with the desires of the customers (Wadsworth, 2002). 6. Strategies to Reduce the Pressures In order to reduce one of the environmental pressures concerning the maintenance of strong competition, the department can continuously adapt innovative technologies resulting in attaining superior competitive position over its chief market contenders. On the other hand, one of the organizational pressures linked with shifting nature of the personnel can be reduced by decreasing labor costs and taking greater care of the personnel (Hoppe, MacDonald, & Korb, 2010). References Ghosh, A. (2013). USDA records reveal political pressure to allow Chinese chicken imports. Retrieved from Hoppe, R. A., MacDonald, J.M., & Korb, P. (2010). Small farms in the United States persistence under pressure, pp. 1-32. Ludwig, M. (2011). NW resistance against genetic engineering. Retrieved from Wadsworth, J. (2002). Adapting to change. Retrieved from Read More
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