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Topic – Book Review Counseling: Military and Veteran Families The book “Couple based intervention for military and veteran families “by Synder and Monson talks about the mental stress undergone by military men and their families as a result of war. The book details about the mental needs of wife, children and family members of the military veterans…
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Counseling: Military and Veteran Families
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Download file to see previous pages The family members of the soldiers who are left behind are startled when the soldier returns back with trauma related mental illnesses. The author writes that it could be hard for the family members of these service members to readjust to the situation. This book details about the mental health needs of the military couples and couple – based intervention exclusively tailored for them. The book talks about the evidence based intervention for certain disorder like depression, posttraumatic stress, bereavement, pareting concerns, infedility, physical aggression and clinical challenges. The consequences of military service are not seen immediately, it is when the veterans return home their mental health problems are revealed. As a part of counseling, civilians counselors who are ignorant about the military culture are often called upon after the war experience. Looking from a psychological perspective, the intervention must be done on these mentally wrecked people in a professional manner and the effect of war on these people must be studied well. Since there are various mental illness involved, the clinical approach needed can be complex. The mental status of war veterans and their family The book states about the traumatic brain injury are the “signature wound” among the military members who are deployed in wars of Afghanistan and Iraq. ...
Moreover, there is noticed an increase upheaval in suicides and suicide attempts among veterans who are returning which can be contributed by depression factor. It is noticed that, unlike physical wounds, mental injury are les invisible which make its assessment highly difficult. The post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and depression affect the thoughts, mood and behavior of the veterans and their families back home. It is unfortunate that the consequences of post traumatic stress disorder is less understood which leaves the problem less recognized and poorly addressed. Generally speaking, the mental disorders like post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and depression has short term and long term effects on the military members. It is revealed that war veterans have suffered from array of psychological problems like depression, sleep disturbance, disassociation, and alcohol use disorder relationship and parental problems. These problems have a prominent effect on the relationship of war veterans who have wives and family members. When the veterans have less exposure to combat then there is high rate of PTSD among them and this highly effect on their relationship with wives. The wives have the duty of care giving and this activity can give complexity in wives as they cannot understand their husband’s mental status. When the veterans are under ill mental health they cannot partake their social responsibility as a husband and a father. It is highly seen that suicidal attempts among military men was due to the depression they confront in war ground. So there should be intervention in order to correct their mental illness at earlier ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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