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Health and safety in the organisation - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Course Date Health and safety in the organization The health and safety in an organization are aimed at protecting the health and safety of the workers and other assets in the workplace of an organization. The main goal of ensuring health and safety in the organization is to promote a safe and healthy environment in the workplace for the welfare of both the people as well as the organization…
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Health and safety in the organisation
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Download file to see previous pages The employers have a moral duty in providing a workplace for the employees that is completely safe and secure and that has no ill effects on their health. A safe and healthy work environment that is conducive to productivity would bring out the highest level of performance of the employees. The employees would be able to concentrate on their work with a relaxed mind free from concern of their health and safety (Burke, Clarke, and Cooper 58). Also, the employees would believe that the organization is concerned about their welfare which would have the probability to develop a loyal workforce. The organizations are also bound by the rules and regulations to protect the health and safety of their workers. The maintenance of health and safety includes preventive measures against the emission of hazardous substances in the production units, recycling of wastes to reduce the adverse effects of environmental pollution, resolution and sustenance of peaceful work environment with no conflict between the workers, etc. Inability of the organizations to maintain a safe and healthy work environment may lead to damage of the health of their employees, organizational assets and other stakeholders, clients who are present at the workplace. The families of the employees may also be affected due to such unwanted incidents in the workplace. Such situations may lead to imposition of hefty fines on the organizations by the legal and regulatory bodies. Thus, organizational concern for health and safety has legal implications (Stellman 80). The occurrence of unsafe working environment and damage of health of workers may lead to increase in costs of the organization that include medical insurance, hospitalization expenses due to sickness or injury, etc. The disorder of health and safety would lead to increase in medical leaves, sick leaves, etc. As a result, the organization would face losses of productivity and business. Thus, health and safety in the organizations have financial implications as the financial losses would tend to increase in case of accidents occurring due to unsafe work environment. The health and safety in the organizations encompasses a range of other fields including workplace engineering, safety control mechanisms, workplace medicine, workplace hygiene, etc. The organizations allocate proportionate expenditures in these fields with an ultimate aim of ensuring health and safety of the organization. Any drawback in implementation of the health and safety policies of the organization may lead to hazards, which may be biological hazards, chemical hazards, health hazards, psychological issues, etc. The health and safety hazards vary from industry to another. The biological hazards may be due to infectious diseases that spread from one employee to another. The virus and infected bacteria may transmit from one individual to another leading to an epidemic situation. The chemical hazards may occur due to the non-maintenance of the operation units and storage plants. Harmful chemical emission from the production units may lead to damage of health and safety of the workers of the organization. Discriminatory and unequal treatment of labors may lead to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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