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The essay "Recruitment, Selection and Training Process in McDonald's" will focus on recruitment, selection and training and development practices of McDonald's. Moreover, the study will highlight the benefits of these SHRM practices…
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Recruitment, Selection and Training Process in McDonalds
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Download file to see previous pages Effective business practices, effective product differentiation strategy, skilled employees and significant customer services are the core competencies of McDonalds. The HRM department of McDonald’s has tried to maintain healthy workplace environment through effective HRM policy implementation. An effective organizational structure, significant HR policies including recruitment and selection policies and processes, and suitable training and development program for the employees bring have brought efficiency in the business process. Being one of the leading MNCs, it is the responsibility of the organization to maintain a healthy workplace environment. The study will focus on recruitment, selection and training and development practices of McDonalds. Moreover, the study will highlight the benefits of these SHRM practices. Recruitment Process Recruitment process helps to identify the needs of organizations to employ some individual up to the point at which the forms of applications for the appropriate posts have arrived in the organization (Arthur, 2012, p.32). Recruiting employees to fill particular posts within a business firm can be done through internal and external process. Implementation of Steps and Stages Employing s suitable person in the suitable place at appropriate time is necessary for the leading organizations in order to practice effective organizational performances....
Implementation of Steps and Stages Employing s suitable person in the suitable place at appropriate time is necessary for the leading organizations in order to practice effective organizational performances. Therefore, it can be stated that recruitment is one of the important SHRM activities. An effective recruitment process should incorporate following steps. McDonalds need to gather information about the nature of the job. The organization should be knowledgeable about the job responsibility and its effectiveness in the structure of the organization. McDonalds need to develop both job attribute and personal profile. The organization needs to consider aptitude, skills, experience and knowledge as the recruitment criteria. Then it is the responsibility of the organization to find the suitable applicants or individuals for the job profile (Bowman, West and Wart, 2012, p.121). Staff referrals, job sharing and succession planning can help to find the applicants. The recruitment process can be divided into two categories, such as external and internal recruitment. Managing the application process is a key recruitment step. It is the final recruitment process. The recruitment managers need to monitor all the application forms and resumes of the applicants in order to sort out the suitable applicants. Last but not the least; recruitment process outsourcing will be an effective process. It will help the organization to minimiz4e time, cost and effort. McDonalds need to implement RPO in order to bring speed and effectiveness in the recruitment process. Benefits of Recruitment Process Allocating right time and suitable resources to select the suitable person for a specific job role have several positive effects on the business process of an organization. With ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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