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Mini- : Staffing Examples - Case Study Example

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Strategic Staffing Name: Institution: Strategic Staffing Example 1 Strategic staffing aims to recruit and retain employees in order for them to perform duties and jobs according to the company’s overall goals. This provides strategies for meeting the company’s needs…
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Mini-Case: Staffing Examples
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Download file to see previous pages In order to achieve this objective, the firm must undergo some elemental changes. This include revenue generation, staffing and change of company goals. The firm must grow its revenues by 30 percent within five years. The short-term objective of the firm is to enter the top 10 list within five years. The entity will not change its business focus. Additionally, the firm will not grow or expand its business to new geographical areas. The units or functions that will experience changes in staffing include accounting, advertisement, human resource management and sales. These units are central to the achievement of desirable revenues.. I would focus my staffing strategy on the human resource and revenue generation job categories. These categories comprise jobs such as customer relations, advertising and communication, sales and marketing. The functions of these job categories are effectively achievable after the implementation of a workforce plan that will help the organization to identify and solve staffing problems and the implications of business strategies and plans. Example 2 In the second case, XYZ pharmaceutical has received approval from the FDA to market a product that facilitates the monitoring of a patient’s blood sugar levels. Previously, the firm marketed the product directly to testing facilities, physicians and hospitals. Patients can access the product directly over the counter or from medical facilities. There are several staffing implications incase the firm decides to market its product to hospitals, labs and physicians. The firm must seek specialized sales and marketing professionals who will outline the benefits of the product to the three groups of buyers. Additionally, the firm must train its workers on how to market the product to the three groups. The firm must identify its needs using activities that meet market demands. Additionally, the firm will be required to combine or remove some of the positions because they will be overlapping. This is because the firm’s focus should be production and sales. In case the firm decides to pursue the strategy of selling directly to customers, then the firm must identify the right sales and marketing representatives. These individuals will be tasked with the responsibility of outlining the benefits of the product to the market. Additionally, the firm should recruit its staff according to the staffing and market needs. This role is dependent on the budget available for the firm. This will dictate the candidates available for the firm. Less experienced employees will require training and introduction into the field, which will be costly for the firm. Example 3 The third scenario involves TPB Corporation, which has developed a new technology. This will increase efficiency of manufacturing computer printers by 25 percent. This technique will involve additional automation and use of preassembled components. This approach is implementable on a line-by-line basis over 4 years. In this scenario, the required skills will change because of the changes in the company’s approach towards efficiency. The firm will be required to train the inexperienced staff and provide support. The required skills will change because the technology that the company currently uses is new. For instance, the new technology involves innovation and automation compared to the old technology that was manual. Therefore, the staff will be required to elevate their skills to the levels that will contain the automation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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