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Human Resources Function (Names) (Institution Affiliation) (Date) Objective I My interview experience During the summer holidays, I sent my resume to various companies asking for a position as an intern and was invited for an interview. On the specific date, I was perplexed to realize that there were five more candidates who were being interviewed for the same position…
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Human resouces function
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Download file to see previous pages This made me spend much of my time looking for another computer with the appropriate program. Once through we were given question papers with question, we were supposed to answer within thirty minutes. The questions were particularly tough involving calculations and grammar. We were taken to the firms’ clinic for blood samples to test for drugs upon completing the tests. I tried to object but was informed that it was a requirement according to the organizational policy and this would be conducted upon suspicion and applies to all employees. When the test results were out I was ranked the second best, but laboratory drug test were not given to us in the group. This marked the start of the panel interview. The first person got in, and I was truly nervous as I waited outside. After twenty, minutes, he emerged from the room, but I did not get an opportunity to ask him the possible question I was likely to be asked. I was called in, and when I stepped in and closed the door and I managed to greet the panelists with a smile and waited to be assigned a seat. I was shown to my seat which I responded with "thank you." When we were all seated formal introductions followed with all panelists introducing themselves. I was requested to hand over my resume. The human resource manager asked me: “So you are (name)? “Yes sir” “Tell us more about yourself” “I am a third year students pursuing a human resource management degree. In high school, I attained a GPA of 2.1. I'm from a family of three and am the only child. I have served as a class leader and a team leader in various groups within the classroom set up. I also actively participate in other co-curricular activities such as swimming, helping the needy in the society and making social friends”. “What do you think are your major contributions to this company?” Though we have other people interested in this same position who have similar qualifications, I believe I have a personal drive that enables me to work beyond the expected limits. I also pay attention to details a factor I believe is highly significant in managing human resources. With these qualities, I believe I can manage to help the organization move towards the attainment of their set goals and objectives. “What is your greatest weakness?” “In one instance during our class lessons the teacher asked my views about equal employment opportunities. I responded that the physically challenged and people of other races should only be given jobs once the whites and the physically fit have already gotten jobs. I felt that they were not able to perform just like the white. However, I have tried to change this perception by interacting with the physically challenged and people of other races that have enabled me to realize that they have capabilities and potential that lack in some of the physically fit and white individuals.” After a series of other questions in relation to discrimination, employee rights, and job analysis, I was requested to leave the room and wait for the results outside. I stood up, thanked all of them and left the room. When the results were out I emerged the best. Objective II During the interviewers sought to understand my level of understanding and expertise in the field of human resource management. For any organization to be able to select the right ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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