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This report talks that human resource management of encompasses a wide range of responsibilities aimed at organizing employees. Human resource managers face challenges such as making sure employees who are knowledgeable in particular areas of work are available in market environment…
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International and Comparative Human Resources Management
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Download file to see previous pages Choy (2007) suggests that the increasing role of multinational HR managers as trainers, counsellors, guides, and succession organizers is increasingly becoming irreversible. The role of HR managers is also sidling towards promoting and championing the ideals, ethics, concepts, and spiritual elements of their multinational organizations, especially with regard to handling cultural diversity at the workplace (Choy, 2007). HR managers for multinational companies grapple with numerous challenges in their line of duty, problems brought about by globalization (Mongiello, and Harris, 2006). These include; workplace diversity, low employee morale and productivity; and complicated planning options in certain markets. However, with an open and strategic approach to management, the managers can show effective leadership for their organization and manage the resources well (Choy, 2007). Globalization Globalization has tailored the significance of HR management in multinationals to reflect the towering global scope and value (Escobar and Vredenburg 2011). Today’s HR managers have to deal with the transfer of workforces and responsibilities across countries. Additionally, globalization has enhanced the need for human resources to interact with sophisticated technologies in order to accomplish various HR tasks: these include; ensuring more competition among skilled employees at all organizational levels; more convoluted and strategic talent sourcing and nurturing pipelines (Jain, and Singh, 2013). In particular Darrag, Ahmed, and Hadia (2010) have noted the presence of a highly rigorous advertising, communication among various corporate fields and...
This essay stresses that an effective HR manager of a multinational should apply controls and measure the outcomes of each employee’s productivity. Such a manager ought to carry out organizational appraisals on issues like remuneration, benefits, and condition of the workplace environment among other issues on a regular basis to evaluate the status of the organization for long-term planning initiatives. Additionally, there is need to implement performance matrix for gauging the effects of cultural diversity programs on the business operations through feedbacks.
This report makes a conclusion that the mandate of a HR manager should be tailored to suit the changing requirements of the organization in relation to the dynamic global market. An effective HR manager transforms his organization into a more adaptable, strong, and consumer-oriented business. Within such an environment, the leader must learn and deploy effective management strategies such as being able to plan, organize, lead and manage the human assets in an evolving and competitive market environment. To manage the challenges that couple the enforcement of various HR initiatives in multinational corporations, organizations should promote cross-cultural communication among the diverse workforce to achieve teamwork. It is important to also embrace technology as a way of improving better interaction with customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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