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The Management Development work report/case study In this section you are asked to undertake a case study analysis in the area - Essay Example

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Case Study Report: Management Development in Managers and Entrepreneurs of SMEs Name: Andreas Strovolides ID: 139899631 Words: Address: 2 Silicon Way, IQ Shoreditch, Room 1318, Old street London N1 6ST Table of Contents: Page 1.0. Introduction Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a highly significant part of management development, especially in modern times where technology has advanced in an unprecedented manner (Shaw and Green, 1999; Megginson and Whitaker, 2003)…
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The Management Development work report/case study In this section you are asked to undertake a case study analysis in the area
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Extract of sample "The Management Development work report/case study In this section you are asked to undertake a case study analysis in the area"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, managers in the modern day will have to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in technology. Some of the older generation managers, however, are not savvy to the latest technology such as internet and computers nor do they fully appreciate the role of technology in the success of business units. Thus, they become incapable of utilising the possibilities of technology to tap the best potential of their organisations. However, if such people were to be put through a well defined process of CPD, by identifying the areas for development and addressing these learning requirements, it can “enable change to occur” and to “make the driving forces outnumber the restraining forces” and effectively integrate their knowledge and managerial skills into business success (Megginson and Whitaker, 2003). 2.0. Case study summary This paper considers a case study analysis of management development in the area of learning and development of individual managers or entrepreneurs of SMEs in Whyalla city in Southern Australia. ...
??s Centre for Regional Engagement (CRE) in collaboration with Whyalla Economic Development Board (WEDB) to ascertain the deployment of internet technology for “online trading by small businesses” (Sawyer and Evans, 2010). The purpose of the study has been to develop awareness of technology in the managers of small business organisations to enhance the capabilities of local business and, thus, “increasing their sustainability” (Sawyer and Evans, 2010). The CRE is the sole regional campus of the University of South Australia in the region and it is committed to the cause of “learning and capacity building of individuals and groups within the region” through organising various activities (Sawyer and Evans, 2010). On the other hand, WEDB, an organisation funded by the government, seeks to facilitate the “business growth” in the region through fostering an “enterprise culture” and helping SMEs to “prosper and expand” (Sawyer and Evans, 2010). As a means to achieve their objectives, these organisations have collaborated to enable “capacity building” in the managers or entrepreneurs of these organisations to make them effective in the management of their businesses (Sawyer and Evans, 2010). 3.0. Self-learning in small organisations Organisations usually provide some or other form of in-house training to its employees as well as managers to hone their skills and knowledge as well to keep them abreast of the changes in technology. Accordingly, Noe (2004) defines training as planned instruction in regards to specific skills which is intended to result in changed manners in the workplace. However, in small organisations, the entrepreneurs who usually manage them do not get ample opportunities for training or getting the guidance of a mentor. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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