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Masters in Social Work - Admission/Application Essay Example

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During my formal undergraduate training, besides discipline and academic time management, constant interaction with classmates, instructors, admin staff, and the rest of the faculty and student body in the academic institution has helped me profoundly realize the essence of socialization in the growth of a learning individual. …
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Masters in Social Work
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Extract of sample "Masters in Social Work"

Download file to see previous pages As early as in secondary undertaking prior to college, I began acquiring the recognition of how crucial the role is of social development in a person’s life. With the curricular design of courses and approach of teaching by which the school was able to facilitate my process of learning, I had become disposed to connecting with different kinds of people in my attempt to access various academic resources and be equally sustained by the objective knowledge through individual efforts and one derived from dynamic human relations. In this fashion, I get inclined at depth to observe patterns of communication from which to determine sensible measures capable of resolving social conflicts and this chiefly serves the key to my pursuit of higher goals with social works via the MSW programs. b) How have your volunteer and paid work experiences influenced your decision to enter the MSW program? My collective work experiences as a volunteer and a paid worker enabled me to develop a more flexible character as a social worker in the community areas assigned under my obligation. In particular, my duty with a team to deal with single teenage mothers and sexually abused children by visiting them at respective homes to offer relief through conversation and recreational activities while monitoring their progress as well as taking partial custody of their moral recovery had truly been emotionally rewarding. From grave encounters to moments of tranquil settlement, I discovered that proper care and sincere attitude in listening could make an incredible difference in helping these unfortunate young individuals improve their lives by the time our task effected a significant change of outlook or good shift of paradigm and restoration of self-esteem. This way, I manage to gradually establish a sense of compassion and discern spiritual values by heart which I believe should be present in any social worker aiming to provide service with genuine affection beyond responding to a mere call of responsibility. So further studies with MSW programs, I think, would enhance this important aspect of my endeavor with social functions. c) Given our MSW program mission statement, what does the term social justice mean to you? How have social justice issues impacted your life? To me, social justice creates a governing principle of a righteous behavior approved by law, in which a person experiences a state of security and equality on exercising the right to express oneself in speech and act and being entitled to associated inalienable rights that allow the person to stay in harmony with others or with every element of society that may affect an individual’s welfare. Based upon real circumstances in daily living, it occurs that human perceptions are quite sensitive toward the with which members of a society treat each other. Human deeds by virtue of social justice bear ample influence on the attributes that render a person to proceed speaking or acting in response. Typically, whether one necessitates doing a good or bad action considerably relies upon the social treatment given him by other people then consequently how he perceives or interprets its impact in return. d) During your graduate education you will be exposed to people with experiences and opinions that are different from your own. How are you prepared to deal effectively with these people? I have been in several academic and non-academic settings where people come from diverse cultural backgrounds and early educational orientation and in most instances, I have had tough ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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