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Considering the spread and popularization of cloud computing as elaborated in the Accenture report,it would be necessary for the business firms to concentrate more on skill-based selection in the recruitment process.This will give an impetus to the urgency for proper training of the employees who again need to have a certain base in IT. …
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Insights at HR
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Considering the spread and popularization of cloud computing as elaborated in the Accenture report, it would be necessary for the business firms to concentrate more on skill-based selection in the recruitment process. This will give an impetus to the urgency for proper training of the employees who again need to have a certain base in IT. Tie ups with institutes like IIT and other engineering colleges might help getting technical professionals while at the same time every existing employee starting from the security to the managers would need to deal with the technology. The existing employees should be given proper training simultaneously with their job and the employees might be reshuffled on the basis of their skill. 2. The Accenture report already suggests the recruitment process to be carried out on a global basis in order to enhance innovation. However monitoring issues will need to be taken care of as managing a global base of employees will not be easy. Recruitment process should be more decentralized in case of the multinational firms. A once a week conference across all the branches might help in sharing innovative ideas, which need to come form the base of the pyramid. The management needs to hold these meetings over the computer or the phone and discuss the weekly activities and requirement for improvements. 3. According to Bughin, Chui, and Manyika the firms need to capitalize on the changing technology, which brings on fast transformations. The big companies might delegate the task of updating the technologies to a local agency in order to free more productive hours for their other jobs. This might save many labor hours too, as it might be impossible for the senior staffs to update and communicate the innovations on regular basis. Questions: Will the need for constant training of the workforce get rid of the old employees and give place to an entire new generation at every position? What steps can be taken to reduce the cost of training the employees on a regular basis? What new measures might be adopted to deal with the challenges of cloud computing and what role does the management play in this context? Insights 1. It is usually better to use a dynamic form of website where the content and the number of pages are flexible. In case of readymade templates this might not be the case and the websites have certain limitations especially when the business wants to expand its operations and add the required content to the site. The articles talks about the design of contents but this depend on the template and how many changes it will allow the user. Uploading and changing pictures might require a designer’s help since these features might not be available on all ready made templates, which is why, either the user needs to apply his knowledge or hire a designer if he is a layman. 2. The article discusses different extensions and purposes of hosting. However comparing the cost of hosting might help a business house select their host based on a cost benefit analysis. Especially with the B2B marketplace available in the virtual world, many companies might deem it worthwhile to enlist in those databases like Having a personal website is always beneficial but for the small businesses such marketplaces are worth their pockets. 3. The marketing of one’s website also has an additional cost once the site is ready and thinking about this the small entrepreneurs might list themselves on some databases who themselves do the marketing for the firms. The SEO techniques should be mastered in order to make the site appear on the first page of Google. It is a good idea to submit the URL on Google index once the site is ready. Questions: 1. Should a business house outsource its marketing activities to the web hosting companies? 2. What is most important for a website – its look or the content? 3. Can a website help in selling a product which otherwise would not have been saleable? Read More
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