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David Ulrich, the father of Ulrich model brought a new dimension to the practice of human resource management. He came up with a model or approach which re-defined the whole structure of functioning of human resource department…
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A critical analysis of Ulrichs Model
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Download file to see previous pages David Ulrich, the father of Ulrich model brought a new dimension to the practice of human resource management. He came up with a model or approach which re-defined the whole structure of functioning of human resource department. The aim of Ulrich was to bring about a change in the working process of the HR in order to make it more organized and structured. David Ulrich being a professor and an expert in human resource management gave rise to handful of principles and ideas for the upgrading of the HR working system. He is of the notion that the intangible elements of an organization play a very big role in the growth and value of a company. The model originated by Ulrich focused on allowing the human resource personnel to be more expanding and flourishing in the area of business. His ideas imparted more life to the human resource field that it became more valued and treasured. The current market utilizes his model in a very effective manner in order to change the overall face of their respective organization. Ulrich model enhanced the flexibility and workability of the business firms along with more growing opportunity to the staff and management. For the success of a given business, the approached defined by Ulrich has to be applied in a balanced way. Ulrich proves that employees in HR department can very well reach the status of an entrepreneur if works according to specific rules and design. Four Role Model by Ulrich The four role model of Ulrich throw light upon four main key elements: a) Strategic partner b) Change agent c) Employee champion d) Administrative expert. a)Strategic partner: It is all focused on the aligned working of the HR department by giving due consideration to international business standards, internal management system and business growth. Even though it looks conventional, it demands a lot of hard work and focusing from the HR staff. This role received more attention than other ones and were more applied by organization in their HR functioning. It can be definitely argued that the line managers in the present organizations are playing the role of strategic partners. In the present organizational structure to contribute to the planning functions is very essential thing. Being a strategic partner allows the managers and heads of the HR field to contribute to business planning and strategy formulating. b) Change agent: By this aspect Ulrich mean that any organization should have the capacity to change and accept transition phase with ease. This is a very important area which needs to be concentrated by the organizations in order to expand and grow according to the changing global market trends and situation. This highlights exceptional capabilityof the HR professionals in being flexible so as to provide ideas to face changes occurring in the operational phase of the business firm.This aspect will allow the business leaders in overcoming problems raised due to change factor. The role of HR staff as a change agent is very valuable as it encourages and motivates the organization to take change as a challenge and bring positive outcome out of it. This also decreases chaos and disorganization among the employees and managerial heads. c) Employee champion: By this role the Ulrich means that the HR should be efficient in advocating the employees as and when needed and also should support and guide them when the company is undergoing change. This is very crucial role as it does not leave the employees ignored and rejected about the activities going on in the firm. The main focus of this role is to bring a right balance between the resources provided by the company and expectations of the employees. This brings about competency and efficiency among employees and also helps them in resolving their issue and problems faced in the organization on a routine basis. d) Administrative expert: According to this role, the HR staff performs the function of recruiting the employees or hiring them and handles the compensation issues, training ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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