The Future of E-Recruitment: With Application of Psychometric Test - Essay Example

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The author of this research paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using e-recruitment as a form of the job advertisement. It also examines e-recruitment in the context of psychology, of whether or not the principles of the psychometric test are applicable to such e-recruitment…
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The Future of E-Recruitment: With Application of Psychometric Test
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Extract of sample "The Future of E-Recruitment: With Application of Psychometric Test"

Download file to see previous pages According to Heery and Noon (2001), the application of e-recruitment in generating a pool of candidates was originally practiced or “used mainly for technical and IT [or Information Technology] staff.” In the 1990s, the Web usage was an emerging phenomenon all over the globe; and a new field of technical profession inevitably emerged altogether. In such world-shaking epoch, e-recruitment as an idea and activity historically originated from this rising technical field. For one thing, the use of the computer technology -- both the hardware and the software component -- substantially requires knowledge and expertise of technology application; non-technical people could hardly open (i.e., turn on) the hardware, let alone navigate into its wide array of technological manipulation. In the advent of the 21st Century, however, the world of computer technology (e.g., the Internet) has become accessible and usable dramatically to a large number of people. Heery and Noon (2001), thus, say that e-recruitment has “grown rapidly in recent years,” which goes beyond the application or usage solely for the technical and IT staff. For E-Recruitment Rankin (2003) names two key advantages in using e-recruitment as a method of generating a pool of potential employees: speed and lower cost. His argument heavily relies on the premise that e-recruitment -- as a form of advertisement -- extends itself to the people who “might not see their (i.e., HR personnel) conventional paper-based advertisements” (Rankin, 2003). Saiyadain (2009) further elaborates the speed component of e-cruitment by saying that it. 
The author of the essay "The Future of E-Recruitment: With Application of Psychometric Test" describes that the companies are systematically utilizing the medium of a computer -- as well as the Web in general -- in dealing with important business-oriented transactions. Furthermore, electronic recruitment is being employed as a vital mode of generating a pool of potential employees. The primary reason why companies avail for this kind of recruitment method is essential to save the expenditure characterized in the job advertisement. However, there are potential drawbacks in the e-recruitment application within the realm of business and the economy. In the process, it is a wonder whether or not electronic recruitment will be the future mode of soliciting a number of suitable employees. n general, there are five basic disadvantages or limitations in using e-recruitment for attracting a pool of job applicants. Taylor (2005) enumerates three of these four limitations characterized in Internet recruitment: (1) spamming dilemma; (2) fear involving a breach of confidentiality; and (3) problems associated to Internet usage. The fourth limitation or weakness in employing e-recruitment fundamentally challenges the primary purpose or objective of using such type of recruitment procedure. This crucial problem is the fifth disadvantage of employing e-recruitment since end-users accessing the Web are not visible within the watch of the HR personnel -- that is if the test is performed via the Internet without using the camera or video-based component. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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