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A questionnaire for a career choice - Term Paper Example

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In a questionnaire, there would be vital points to the same. To begin with, it would be vital to check on the client’s hobbies. In this sense, the client may be aware of one’s hobbies consciously or not. This means that the client might have interests of which she is not privy to the same…
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A questionnaire for a career choice
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To begin with, she needed a career path and a sound decision towards the same. She seems to possess confusion as regards her interests. She seems to love poker, cooking, gardening and working out. On the other hand, she has been both a player and a coach of tennis and basketball. It is vital to note that she had an earlier fantasy of being a sports’ writer. There are core problems that she seeks to address through counseling and possible solutions. To begin with, the client has a problem of career choice. She seems not to be satisfied of her current job of bier a consultant at a firm that write programs for professionals. In addition to the same, she has psychological problems. Lastly, she possesses a problem that of balancing her career ambitions with that of her children and her husband. It is vital to note that the client possesses psychological and mental problems. The treatment of the same is essential because it affects the career progress of Alaina. In this sense, the client is medically proven to be suffering from a mild form of depression. The medical name of this depression is dysthymia. The suicide and eventual death of a cousin might have triggered this depression. As regards this depression, she has been attending counseling sessions for eight months. It is vital to note that she has had counseling sessions over anger management problems. This also relates to previous anger problems at her school sessions. This is the factor that contributed to her career diversion from teaching to consultancy. This was vital for stabilizing her marriage and finding a sound career line. In this sense, she takes medicine in form of depression tablets. However, she still possesses a problem of suppression to feelings of good things in her life. This means she has no feelings of impression for good things in her life. In addition, she possesses anxiety and sleeping problems. Alaina possesses notable strengths and shortcomings. In her career ambitions and passions, Alaina seems to have a robust orientation towards writing. This is notable from her course in college. She had a college course of B.A in English and a minor in journalism. It is crucial to note that this was her subject in her schooling days. Her present job entails offering consultancy services for a firm that write career programs. It is notable that her career ambitions entail being an editorial assistant for a publishing firm or technical writing. In addition, she had an earlier fantasy of being a sports’ writer. Besides, Alaina seems to be aware of her interests. In this sense, she has strong decisions of not preferring educational careers. However, Alaina has anger management problems. This attributes to her uncontrolled anger during her teaching days. In this sense, Alaina needs to work on social relation skills. This regards appropriate emotional response to situations. In our working relationship with the client, I will ensure notable ideas for a solid working relationship. To begin with, my strategy would involve eliminating the professional outlook to the client. This would be appropriate for establishing an intimate relationship with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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