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Human Resource Management at the organization - Term Paper Example

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Human Resource Management Date Law Monitoring within the organization It is extremely crucial to ensure that everyone within an organization is complying with all the guidelines and regulation that affect the respective industry among others issues facing the company…
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Human Resource Management at the organization
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Download file to see previous pages There are environmental protection laws that govern the operations of every organization in the country. These regulations offer guidelines on how organization should take care for the environment in respect to aspects such as the air pollution, land and soil conservations or even care of water recourses. These laws tend to protect the well-being and the needs of the larger community, who also rely on these resources. There is also the overall duty to protect the interests of the future generations (Armstrong, 2008). Employees are quite sensitive and are protected by employees’ laws enacted by the legislative and other workers unions. These rules and regulations protect the workers from exploitation or mistreatment in the work place. The compliance officer continually reviews the relationship of the management and the employees to ensure that the workers are treated fairly. The employees have their set of responsibility towards the organization. Complying with the laws ensure there is decreased conflicts within the organization thus increasing employees motivation and consequently improved productivity. The organization will also be extra-vigilant on the chances of laws regulating the type of activities the company engages and its major products as well. Compliance officer would always be interested in the safety of the organization activities and the products do not harm the larger public. The focus is protection of the customers who require safe and quality goods for their consumption. The existence of the organization could be at stake in case these laws were violated within the organization. Monitoring the changes affecting such areas ensure that the company is kept clear of any illegal issue with government law or other regulators (Pate, 2012). HR Job Description The Human Resource department entails the management of day-to-day operations of employees’ procedures, programs, and policies. The major areas of responsibilities entail such functional areas as departmental development, training and development, compensation, employee relation, Human Resource Information System, organizational developments and employment (Robert & Mathias, 2011). The job entails a number of roles that needs to be performed for the HR department to remain effective in meeting its objectives and the overall organization goals as well. These include: Making plans of recruitment, human resource development, and trainings. Building of professional development programs that aim to benefit all employees in company. Formulating the promotion policies and replacement of personnel. Overseeing the making of personnel budget. Planning human resource for business, production, and corporate strategy. Establishing of bonus and wage by laws, stimulant policies, and incentive along with employees’ preferences to work. Organizing and implementing functions of administrative and its tasks according to Board of Directors requirements. Engage in building of regulations and making plans related to the use of equipment and property of the company. Making of plans and supervision of compliance with various laws governing the organization. Sometimes the responsibilities assigned to employees may not match the job description provided during recruitment. If this situation is not controlled, it can lead to increased claims that can harm the company. In case they do occur, it is safe that the HR department be ready to deal with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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