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Threshold Selection - Case Study Example

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The main focus in this paper is on the more progressive selection process known as the ‘Threshold Selection’ which incorporates a positive discrimination in the selection process through resolving the tension between suitability and acceptability criterions. …
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Threshold Selection
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that there are many positive as well as negative responses to the various approaches that are followed by the human resource management while selection of the candidates for any job opening and the changes that the candidates that are selected in such a way bring about in the organization; these will be analyzed in this paper to assess how they influence the organization. With the launch of the UK’s 2010 Equality Act, that provided the opportunity for the human resource management to shift towards more progressive approach and selection on the basis of social group characteristics that included gender, ethnicity/race, disability, age, religion and sexual orientation. There was a large amount of hostile response towards this act. It was declared to be positive discrimination by stealth. Though discrimination usually means unfair, but selecting a candidate for a job on the basis of a set of characteristics is not only necessary but also a general practice. Every candidate has to be selected with respect to the job requirements as well as the needs of the organization. This article has provided a comparison of a variety of HR policies that are in place for the selection of suitable candidates for a job opportunity. There are a number of characteristics that are kept in mind while hiring the new staff for an organization. Such criteria and selection procedures often raise the concerns regarding unfair discrimination while the candidates are being interviewed., if not carefully monitored and responded to, these concerns can lead to legal issues not only for the organization but it can also effect the HR policies as a whole. For these reasons the governments launch general HR policies so that the points raised by the critics can be properly responded to. As mentioned in the article, various criticisms have been raised regarding the gender discrimination as there are various jobs that are not meant to be for the female staff. Or selection of the candidates with respect to the political favors, one can avail by appointing politically favorable employees. Such discriminations are clearly discussed in the article and the response that such unfair differentiation gets by the commentators and the legalities that one organization might have to face as a result of the validation of such criticisms it can cost the organization a lot and it can also adversely influence the profession of human resource management. Thus the article suggests that acquiring the threshold selection model will be helpful and suitable to the organizations, their management and the candidates in general. Section Two: Summary of the research methods and findings This article has researched on the various selection policies and standards that are set by the general human resource ma ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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