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Rhetorical Analysis of Conspiracy Theories - Term Paper Example

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For rhetorical analysis, the author analyzes three conspiracy theories that explain who and why John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The Kennedy assassination differs in some degrees from other Enemy Above conspiracy theories because it lacks a spiritual leader like in the Civil Rights Movement…
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Rhetorical Analysis of Conspiracy Theories
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Extract of sample "Rhetorical Analysis of Conspiracy Theories"

Download file to see previous pages At noon, the presidential motorcade was moving in the street at Dealey Plaza, and the president was waving to cheering crowds. Unfortunately, as they were passing Texas School Book Depository gunfire reverberated from Dealey Plaza and the president was hit in the head and neck and succumbed to the injuries.

Popper says that conspiracy theories are social phenomena used mistakenly to explain events and even situations. Based on the event of November 22, 1963, many theories have emerged explaining who killed the President and why he was killed. The assassination has been explained by a number of conspiracy theories.

One of these theories is that the Secret Service killed John Kennedy. According to the proponent of the theory, Kennedy was felled by a shot from Secret Service agent, not those that were fired from the sixth floor of Dealey Plaza. The Kennedy head wounds showed that the third bullet was not shot from the Mannlicher rifle used to fire the first and the second shots. Donahue argued that because the left side rail of the vehicle carrying the president was full of secret service then the president was assassinated by people assigned to him. The bullet that shot the President in the head left a 6mm diameter wound at the entry point and produced 40 fragments in Kennedy’s brain. This was inconsistent with a 6.5 mm bullet fired from Dealey Plaza. Donahue reported that George Hickey shot the president mistakenly with an AR-15 rifle. The theory did not get notice and drew no attention to Donahue analysis. 

However, one of the main conspiracy theories states the Military and Industrial Complex. The people behind the assassination of the president did so to maintain their financial support from the government projects. At the time of Kennedy’s assassination on November 22nd, 1963 the U.S government was funding the Vietnam regime after a long war between the United States and the communist USSR over the control of the region’s economic ideology (An Introduction to the JFK Assassination). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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