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The American Architect from the Colonial Era - Book Report/Review Example

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In the paper “The American Architect from the Colonial Era” the author analyzes the book by Cecil D. Elliott, which starts by defining professionalism. The author notices that change is a continuing process. It is from this point of introduction that the author directs the reader to her agenda…
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The American Architect from the Colonial Era
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Extract of sample "The American Architect from the Colonial Era"

Download file to see previous pages She introduces the history aspect of architecture, in the United States, to the reader's mind. This helps in guiding the readers thought of the historical architecture projects in the United States form complicated bridges to skyscrapers. It makes one appreciate the changes, development and the results that architecture has brought in this magnificent country.
Architecture is one of the cornerstones that reflect the progress of a country's transformation. By the end of this manuscript, the person who reads is taken through a trip of historical ideas involving architecture, the improvements or flaws of these ideas and the satisfaction that these and other new ideas have in regards to the architectural community. The book uses simple English for the interested reader who has no architectural background. This book helps the reader to familiarize with the architectural journey from the colonial era to the present, hence its name The American Architect from the Colonial Era to the Present.
The heading The American Architect from the Colonial Era to the Present gives away the thought and information contained within the pages of this book (Elliot, 2003). An author is a person with the significant interest in architecture. This is well understood when one goes through the pages. The author also notes that she has gone through many sources in the quest to get the information contained in this book. She states,
Architecture is a large area to study, hence the hours to research and the development of architecture, needs patience, time and mostly passion. The reader gets the authors love of architecture as he or she goes through the book. However, the author lives out the architectural styles with an argument that, there are many sources that explain the styles used in architecture.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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