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Who Killed Homer by Victor Davis Hanson and John Heath - Book Report/Review Example

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This essay analyses the book Who Killed Homer? by Victor Davis Hanson and John Heath. A book on classical education which serves as a strong supporter of Greek and Roman practices of education and their tradition, and which were, in fact, the distinctive characteristics of the Western civilization…
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Who Killed Homer by Victor Davis Hanson and John Heath
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Extract of sample "Who Killed Homer by Victor Davis Hanson and John Heath"

Download file to see previous pages The academic curriculum comprises of writing, reading, mathematics and learning of classical languages such as Latin & Greek, as well as focusing the mental abilities on logical thinking that enables a student to develop sufficiently well abilities in the most fundamental subjects in the early years of education which later serve as developing the critical thinking and logical reasoning skills at the higher stages of education.
This classical education was the hallmark of Greeks which allowed them to become adept at the rarest and demanding skills in the world and to lead the world in this field. Our own culture derives from the ancient Greek civilization, so these are the founding blocks of our modern civilization and our true identity. The writers, Victor Davis Hanson and John Heath argue that the knowledge of Greeks is very essential for us, for if we lose this knowledge we lose our understanding of the self. This is a highly critical book with many straightforward lessons and recommendation, and informative reading lists that shed light on the Classics and the beauty and perils of our modern culture.
The seemingly appears to be focused on the critical evaluation of the issues of rejection of the Classics as a subject of study in American universities, but the book really is about the worth, the consequences and the effects of losing one essential and valuable course in the present-day education and modern culture. The authors also try to present to us how we might still endeavor and save the Classics and Greeks for the future generation. The main concern throughout the book remains on the failure of today’s Classicists (who according to authors are the main reason of lacking behind in Classics and Greek ideology), due to which the study of the origins of Western Civilization has vanished from the American colleges even when it is most needed to guide the people and to develop an attitude geared towards humanistic values and devotion to human welfare. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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