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Role of Peace Movements - Case Study Example

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The paper "Role of Peace Movements" describes that the peace movements played a vital role in garnering the media attention in the case of the war in Iraq. In the case of Georgia though, the war took a worse turn than it was intended due to the absence of the peace movements…
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Extract of sample "Role of Peace Movements"

Download file to see previous pages In the earlier part of human history, the peace movements tried to end the wars. In the modern days, the peace movements have been working to curb the happenings of the war. In other words, the peace movements work to restrict the countries in going to war. International organizations like the UN work in the process of the peace movements. In addition to the UN, there have been small parties- both Governmental and Non-Governmental to stall the happenings of war. The paper will discuss the operations of the peace movements and its effects in two of the most recent conflicts in the modern era. (The International Peace Movement)
The USA attacked Iraq citing the need to overthrow the dictatorship regime of Saddam Hussein. In 2003, the Bush administration attacked Iraq and imposed control on the country. US was accompanied by the UK in the invasion of Iraq. The war was uncalled for and it was unnecessary at the time. It strained the economy of the US and that of the UK. The Bush administration gained the permission of the conquest from the UN with the help of voting. The media of the country made the people believe that it was necessary to go for the war and they supported the President in his conquest.
The US started the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the conquest was marked by the fall of Baghdad and the killing of millions of innocent inhabitants in the country. In the case of the US, the army lost thousands of soldiers in their fight of the army of Saddam Hussein. There was a growing sentiment against the killing of the innocent people and the loss of lives of the soldiers. It gave rise to the peace movements across the globe. Before the invasion of Iraq, there were peace movements in various cities across the globe. Before the submission of the proposal of the US Government in the UN, there were protests outside the building of the organization. The peace movements achieved the iconic status on 15th February 2003 when 3 million people protested in Rome. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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