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What are some Issues that Lead to the Rise of the Labor Movement and the Problems Organized Labor Faced both Internally and Externally in their Struggle for Social Equality - Essay Example

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At this time in history free wage-labor market was prominent; the earliest recorded strike took place in the year 1768 following a protest by New York journeymen…
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What are some Issues that Lead to the Rise of the Labor Movement and the Problems Organized Labor Faced both Internally and Externally in their Struggle for Social Equality
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"What are some Issues that Lead to the Rise of the Labor Movement and the Problems Organized Labor Faced both Internally and Externally in their Struggle for Social Equality"

Download file to see previous pages Most employers since as early 19th century have been known for their ruthless treatment of their workers without considering their wellbeing and the civil rights to which they are entitled. For workers in the industrial sector, labor movements were organized with the core objective of bettering wages, reasonable hours, improved conditions at the work place. The movement’s efforts have since transformed the labor society to what it is today. It has resulted to dismissal of child labor, health benefits accrued to workers as well as provision of assistance to workers who get injured in the course of duty and support to for the retired group.
Factors that have led to the emergence of the labor movements include mistreatment of workers at the work place by their employers. Incidences of workers mistreatment had become prominent in the American society that compelled them to form unions in an effort to fight for their rights and protect them from the inconsiderate, self-centered employees. The workers were kept working for longer hours with little or no pay at all. Such terms of contract fuelled formation of mass protest by the workers in protest of the cheap labor. Another factor that was key in the rise of labor movement was political involvement and sensitization of the workers. Local leaders and politicians played a significant role in the formation of unions as they sought to fight for the rights of their people. Most leaders of the time sensitized their community to stand their grounds and fight for their rights. The call by leaders propelled residents who were getting unfair treatment to congregate together and stage a protest against their masters. This was evident in the colonial era where political leaders led their troops against their masters who were taking advantage of them to gained cheap labor leading to reforms in the sector.
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