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Holocaust during Years 1938 - 1944 - Term Paper Example

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The term paper "Holocaust during Years 1938 - 1944" describes that the Holocaust as a historical atrocious phenomenon caused the creation of more documents than any other historical event. We should know the most about the horrors they endured, acknowledge the inexplicability of the Holocaust…
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Holocaust during Years 1938 - 1944
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Extract of sample "Holocaust during Years 1938 - 1944"

Download file to see previous pages Even the survivors, who should know the most about the horrors they endured, acknowledge the inexplicability of the Holocaust. Robert Lifton quotes a survivor as saying, “the professor would like to understand what is not understandable. We ourselves, who were there and who have always asked ourselves the question, and will ask it until the end of our lives, we will never understand it because it cannot be understood” (Lifton, 1). If the survivors themselves cannot explain what has happened to them or how the Holocaust could have happened, how then can the listeners and readers of their testimonies or anyone else ever come to such an understanding? Yet we cannot leave this dilemma as it stands. Silence or withdrawal from these questions cannot be an option; something so fundamentally horrifying as the Holocaust demands attention and engagement. Roger Gottlieb asserts: “As difficult as it is, finding the meanings of the Holocaust is an essential task. If we do not seek its meanings we cannot begin to understand how it occurred or how to integrate it into our moral, political, and spiritual visions” (Gottlieb, 2). According to Gottlieb, one needs to allow for emotional as well as intellectual response to the Holocaust. Emotions are needed to access the very nature of the Holocaust, but if these emotions are not intellectually processed, one will remain overwhelmed by them. It is vital to understand that Holocaust was about complete annihilation of the Jewish population. However, not everyone and not every scholar realizes completely the magnitude of Holocaust and Nazi strategies that stood behind this tragedy. From the critical perspective, Hitler’s murderous death machinery aimed to achieve the complete destruction of Jewish people through targeting its most vulnerable and vital members – women and children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Holocaust During Years 1938 - 1944 Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words.
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