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The Causes of the Vietnam War - Research Paper Example

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This paper “The Causes of the Vietnam War” will explore in detail the various factors that led to the Vietnam War. The previous outline of the developments that led to the upheaval was just a generalized event, each of which has their underlying variables…
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The Causes of the Vietnam War
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Download file to see previous pages A brief background on this aspect would lead us to the French missionaries who were the first to set foot in Indochina back in the 17th century. As their influence increased, many were expelled and executed. Because of this development, the French government decided to intervene. The noble action of protecting its citizens also became an excuse to colonize the region. By 1883, Vietnam was already a French dominion that was divided into three political territories: Tonkin in the north, Annam in the center, and Cochin China in the far south. The colonization of Indochina proved to be costly for France. Setting up infrastructure, and the administration and military control of the colony required huge financial contributions that deeply burdened the French state. To cover the rising expenses, the French heavily taxed Vietnamese villagers and large customs were imposed on traded goods. In addition, the Vietnamese were forced to contribute labor to plantations and mines. According to Lisa Roman (1998), it seemed like France did benefit from Indochina in the beginning, but that the colony later became more of an economic burden. Nonetheless, the French rule was deeply resented by the Vietnamese and that this gave rise to the birth of the independence efforts in the country and the rise of Ho Chi Minh. By the 1930s, the Vietnamese nationalist movement grew strong when France’s ability to control its colony was weakened by its defeat by Germany in 1940. As Japan invaded Indochina, resistance movements grew even stronger. By the time the Japanese occupation ended, the Vietnamese nationalists were ready to seize power. The first Indochina War erupted, ending decades of French colonization. This stage in Vietnam’s history would be the foundation of the pivotal factors that would be examined by this paper – all of which would contribute to the second Vietnam War. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Causes of the Vietnam War Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words)
The Causes of the Vietnam War Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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