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Henry VII as the Fulfilment of The Son of Prophecy in Wales - Term Paper Example

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"Henry VII as the Fulfilment of The Son of Prophecy in Wales" paper describes the role of prophecy during the Renaissance as having as its primary purpose the imposition of the appearance of continuity. The aspect of the prophecies was the inclusion of the then Viking stronghold of Dublin. …
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Henry VII as the Fulfilment of The Son of Prophecy in Wales
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Extract of sample "Henry VII as the Fulfilment of The Son of Prophecy in Wales"

Download file to see previous pages Owen may have been horse master or steward in the household of Henry V, although other stories exist. He met, fell in love with and finally married Katherine of Valois. Owen’s full name was in fact Owain ap Maredudd ap Tudor. His children mingled then the blood of French sovereigns with that of Welshmen. They were, of course, half brothers to Henry VI, but as they had no English blood was never considered as possible contenders for the throne. Out of affection, Henry VI ennobled two of them, the third son becoming a priest. They became the Dukes of Bedford and Gloucester. A search for suitable brides followed. Edmund married Margaret Beaufort but died in an epidemic some months before the birth of his son. The second brother, Jasper, was to become one of Henry’s closest and most loyal advisers. Griffith and Thomas report on pages 47, 48, a story that the baby was baptized as Owain, which would fit in well with legend, but the queen protested and asked that he be called Henry, a French name.

Although born in Wales he was brought up in Brittany, a refugee from the Yorkist kings, to whom his claim, however weak, was a threat. After the rebellion of 1483, led by Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, a close relative, Henry became the main Lancastrian contender for the throne. The apparent weakness of his claim was not necessarily a barrier to kingship. Direct inheritance was not the only method of becoming sovereign. The previous ruler could name their successor, a statute might be passed or the throne might pass to whoever had power and control or, as was the case with Henry VII, it could be achieved by conquest.  In his 1985 book ‘The Son of Prophecy: Henry Tudor’s Road to Bosworth’ David Rees explores how Welsh seers foretold of a Welsh hero to come and how this was apparently fulfilled in Henry. Owen Glendower (or Owain Glyn Dwr) strengthened Welsh identity and was part of the ascendancy of Wales which came to full flower at the Battle of Bosworth, victory at which of course resulted in Henry gaining the crown. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Henry VII as the Fulfilment of The Son of Prophecy in Wales Term Paper, n.d.)
Henry VII as the Fulfilment of The Son of Prophecy in Wales Term Paper.
(Henry VII As the Fulfilment of The Son of Prophecy in Wales Term Paper)
Henry VII As the Fulfilment of The Son of Prophecy in Wales Term Paper.
“Henry VII As the Fulfilment of The Son of Prophecy in Wales Term Paper”.
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