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WIth Jesus Through teh Holy Land: The Via Dolorosa - Thesis Example

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Jesus was crucified because he loved us and he wanted us to live a happy life. He suffered for us on the cross for us so we could be free 'f sin. So here is what happens with Jesus and his crucifixion.
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WIth Jesus Through teh Holy Land: The Via Dolorosa
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Extract of sample "WIth Jesus Through teh Holy Land: The Via Dolorosa"

Download file to see previous pages So they all decided to get rid 'f him, the arrested him, tried him and found him guilty. He was sentenced to be crucified at Punctious Point. If this was not bad enough two guys named Cyrene and Simon mad him carry his cross all the way to Mt. Golgotha (or the hill 'f Calvary), while people still were mocking him. The path that he took is known as Via Dolorosa.
When they come to Golgotha the two men offered him wine mixed with gall, but after tasting it he declined to drink it. They then divided his clothes up by casting lots. They wrote above his head "This is Jesus, The King 'f the Jews"
He was crucified along side two robbers. There are two versions here as there are with many things but one 'f them is said that the two robbers mocked him will they were there and said "If thou be Christ, save thyself and us." But the other version says that the one robber asked him for forgiveness, while the other one mocks him. But in Matthew's gospel it says that they both mocked him. But in the other version the one robber asks for forgiveness 'f Jesus and Jesus says, "Today shalt thou be with me in paradise."
While on the cross people that he taught were mocking him. The first words that he spoke were " Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Even the elder people mocked him when they said, "He saves other but cannot save himself." " As the day grew on he said "I thirst" he was offered vinegar but he would not drink it. Then at about three o'clock in the afternoon he cried out the words "Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani" which meant "My God, my God why have you foresaken me." When he said these words two times the curtain 'f the temple was torn from top to bottom and the earth shook and the rocks split. The tombs broke open and the bodies 'f many holy people who died were resurrected. When this happened many 'f the people said "Surely He was the Son 'f God. Then his final words which showed his complete surrender to God was, "It is finished; Father into Thy hands I commend my spirit" he bowed his head and then died.
He was placed in the middle 'f these two thieves. Now this is very important because it says that the thieves died for themselves, but the middle one shows that Jesus died in our place for us (died for the sins 'f others). The center cross was also the cross 'f fulfillment 'f the Old Testament prophecy.
Interpreting Jesus' death is very hard because it confuses some people, they want to know why he died, and why he didn't stop the higher people from doing it. People saw that he was a great man, in many different ways so that's why people saw his as eschatological prophet-martyr. This meant true prophet-martyr. Another interpretation was that he was suffering Son 'f Man. The last one was this, redemptive and atoning act which meant Jesus 'died for us on account 'f our sins. All 'f these all come down to one thing, they all show that what Jesus did for us is what we should do for other people on a lesser scale. He was there to show people in the right way and all he wanted was us to do the same thing.
While Jesus was on the cross he saw his mother there weeping and told John to take care 'f her, this showed Jesus pride in what he did for this world and for the people on it.
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